How to apply eyeliner perfectly...with a bobby pin


Perfect winged eyeliner is like a unicorn: We all want it, but it feels *impossible* to actually do (cue that moment of acidentally . Until now, that is. We've stumbled upon one of the best eyeliner hacks of all time--and all you need is a bobby pin. Seriously.

Instagram beauty guru Malia (@beautynmalia) posted a video on her feed recently, revealing the hack that is so cinchy, we can't *believe* we didn't think of it. Head over to her page to watch the vid or follow our steps below to scoring a symmetrical smize.

1. Start by selecting your favorite eyeliner. You'll need a liquid one so, if you don't have one, try this highly-rated and inexpensive Intensify Me! Liquid Liner from CoverGirl.

2. Use your liner to coat the V of the bobby pin. Then press it against the corner of your eye wherever you want the wing to be. It will leave a perfect outline.

3. Connect the V outline to the rest of your liner (what's already on your upper lash line) then fill in the V. 

Pro tip: Don't pull on your skin as you draw! While it might seem like a good idea to tighten your eyelid, in order to create a more level surface, this actually makes it more difficult to see how the wing will lie naturally when your face is relaxed.

Looking for even more of a statement? Brush on some metallic eye shadow like these and these from ULTA Beauty. Some girls even like to add rhinestones, using stickers like these for some sparkle. Don't go overboard, though: Remember that the purpose of eyeliner is to emphasize and highlight your eyes, not overshadow them.

What's your secret eyeliner tip? Let us know in the comments! 

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by GL | 4/28/2017