How to get the *perfect* beach waves (without, uh, the beach)

It's every girl's dream to wake up every morning with perfectly flowing hair a la Blake Lively. You know, that "I just came from a day at the beach and my hair is still perfect" look where it's natural and messy yet *so* gorgeous at the same time. And since most of us don't have a beach in our backyard (we wish!), here's how to snag those tousled tresses without ocean water. 

What you need:

 + Clips for sectioning your hair
+ Curling Iron
+ Texturizing Spray: Most girls can get the look by using only spray but if you have thicker hair, you can also use sea salt spray.

Note: You can always DIY texturizing spray by adding a handful of salt and coconut oil to a cup of water to put in your hair.


1. Divide your hair into sections. It's best to start by pinning up the hair in front and on top and begin with your hair underneath. Before you start to curl, prep your hair with heat protectant.

2. Twist. Before wrapping the strand around the wand, it helps to twist the hair if you are going for the ultimate bed-head look.  

3.  Begin curling. Take strands of hair and wrap it around the curling wand, alternating directions to give the hair some wavier texture.

4.  Let down the other sections of your hair, and repeat. Leave the front pieces of your hair for last. This will create a more flattering effect for your face. To keep your hair as texturized as possible, after you curl the strand, reverse the direction and curl again.

5. Finish with a texture spray. Spritz your hair with sea salt spray and scrunch the hair to create a textured look. 

Now your look is complete...and you are ready to take on the day as a wannabe beach babe!

What's your go-to summer hairstyle? 

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by Leah Volpe | 6/26/2017