Look flag-ulous with these 4th of July beauty trends

The Fourth of July is always a fun-filled and exciting day in America. Finding cute themed outfits is pretty easy, but beauty looks are more of a struggle.

If you want to go the extra mile with *your* hair, makeup and nails, then try out these festive beauty trends! 


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Red white (er, silver) and blue makeup
Want to look like an actual American flag? Try this make up design. The blue and silver will make your eyes stand out, and the red lipstick will make your lips pop. Nothing says "Happy Fourth!" quite like red, white and blue.

Ribbon braid
It will probably (definitely) be hot tomorrow, so to keep your hair out of the way, try out a gorg braid. Add some patriotic ribbon into the mix for a festive look. It’s easy than you think (just weave it in with one of your three sections) and it’ll impress everyone, trust. 


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Flag nails
A statement on the nails is just beyond impressive, and gives your hands a patriotic style for *the* most patriotic of days. You can do variations of this design to make it your own, so don't feel like you have to make picture perf stars (because honestly who has the patience???).


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Subtle stars
Want to be in the spirit without drawing too much attention? Adding some tiny and shiny stars to your face will give you that festive feel without going all out. 

If you want a no-fuss hairdo to try tomorrow, look no further than your trusty ol’ bandana. You can get these pretty much anywhere and in any color you want. You can even tie some together for a red, white and blue look. 

What are you up to tomorrow? Share your plans with us on Twitter, @girlslifemag!

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by Alexandra Shea | 7/3/2018