The secret to getting a trendy blunt cut at the salon? Ask for clippers

Calling all hair rebels! The secret to this magically perma polished look? A precision cut with only the sharpest edges. Next time you hit the salon, ask your stylist to swap the scissors for electric clippers and show her this post for some serious inspo.

Jen Atkin clipper cutting Chriselle Lim


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Chriselle Lim's classic look gets a breath of fresh air as hairstylist Jen Atkin (she known for working with the Kardashians, the Hadids and Chrissy Tieigen) gives her short 'do a little more edge.

Jen shared some helpful tips on rocking a blunt cut with Mane Addicts:


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"Anyone with straight, wavy or even curly hair can rock a blunt bob! For more body, I'd suggest parting on the side. Girls with super tight curly hair should get a cut that incorporates layers since this will be more flattering, otherwise, you'll risk the hair growing outwards on the ends with no shape. "

Rocking a blunt pony 101

Bella Hadid is basically the queen of cool. In Jens Instagram Story, Bella got a even cooler when she let Jen buzz off the bottom of her pony to create an instantly amaze look.

Blunt cuts can be as colorful as you want


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Rainbow coloring is the perfect way to catch some new vibes and add a little fun to everyday hair. Paired with a blunt cut, you won't have to worry about looking to playful.

This technique is so satisfying to watch, TBH


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Could stare at this all day!

What're your thoughts on the blunt cut? Share in the comments!

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by Benja Gladden and Kelsey Haywood Lucas | 1/14/2019