Valentine’s Day hair tutorials you’ll heart

Ah, February. It’s the season of paper hearts, candy hearts, heart emojis, and of course, heart-shaped hairstyles. You’ve probably seen the twists, braids, and curls that capture the spirit (and shape) of the season in your Insta feed. Now, GL is making it easier for you to achieve these looks, on Valentine’s Day and otherwise, by rounding up some of the best tutorials. Keep scrolling to see all the hairstyles you’re sure to <3.

Half-Up Heart

This style has all the lovely detail of an updo without the time and effort. It works best on long or medium-length hair.

Romantic Chignon

If you’re not the best at braids (or you want something more subtle than a heart), this swept-back bun is for you. The simple look is guaranteed to add elegance to your ensemble.

Twist-Braided Heart

Another half-up/half-down style, this sweet and simple braid is sure to catch your crush’s attention—and it gives you an excuse to buy some bows!

Triple-Braid Flower

For this look, you’ll need hair elastics and pins. The work is worth it for the intricate effect of the basic three-strand braid becoming a flower.

Mermaid Heart Braid

You don’t have to be under the sea to enjoy this bow-tiful braid. This one *is* a little more complex though, so enlisting a sibling or friend might be the way to go.

Dutch-Braided Heart

In case you have gym or practice on Valentine’s Day, this cute pony will keep your hair out of your eyes while remaining festive and fun.

Pancaked Heart

Besides making you think about pancakes, this looks-way-more-challenging-than-it-is style will have you feeling like a walking heart emoji.

Which hairstyle do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 2/3/2020