“Is my skincare routine too much?” and other v. important beauty Qs

image: @alexskincarediary

OK, we are the first to say we are *obsessed* with all things makeup and skincare—and if you love watching Hyram on YouTube and checking out all of the skincare on TikTok, you're probably right there with us. But with allll the info out there, sometimes it can be important to make sure we're making the choices that are best for our skin. So we have some of the most important questions about skincare—as well as all the answers you need.

Q: Is my skincare routine too much?

This can seem so tricky, right? There are so many skincare products out there that sometimes it feels like you need to use them all. So here's the golden rule: Sometimes, less really is more! Your skin might get overwhelmed if you are using too many different products. A good golden rule to start is to have 3-4 high-quality products: A gentle cleanser, a serum (we love an uber-hydrating hyaluronic acid) and a gentle moisturizer to finish it off. You can add in a vitamin C ointment in the mornings or a retanoid in the evenings, but try introducing new products into your routine slowly, so you don't overwhelm your skin.

Q: What are some makeup tips for people who break out a lot?

Read the label on your products! Makeup that has drying ingredients like alcohol will dehydrate your skin and may cause painful zits. Go oil-free. Lastly, products that are non-comedogenic are less likely to clog your pores. All of this can help acne prevention, but if you're bothered by existing pimples, use foundation like a pro.

Q: What's the best way to take off makeup?

Be gentle. Go slowly, and have lots of flat cotton pads with a makeup cleanser. And yikes, we know makeup wipes can seem really convenient, but unfortunately, they aren't always the best choice. So stick to cotton pads or reusable cloths! Once you get the makeup off, use another dry cotton pad to get the cleanser off your face. Lastly, finish your night with a nice face wash. Ahh, all fresh! 

Q: Does makeup go bad? How can I tell?

Yes, makeup does have an expiration date. Different products have different lifespans, but if you're in doubt, play it safe and buy a new product. Old makeup, in addition to not performing as well as it normally does, can start to be a landing pad for bacteria. (Ew, you don't want that on your face!) The expiration date should be on the packaging, but if the box your makeup came in is Iong gone, there are other ways to tell, like differences in smell, texture or color. 

Q: How bad is it to go to sleep with makeup on?

Pretty bad. Makeup left on for too long will clog your pores, increase breakouts, skin irritation and dryness. Yikes! Sometimes it might not feel like a big deal, but just think how relaxed and clean you'll feel after running through that nightly routine. Your skin will thank you!

Q: How do you clean makeup brushes?

Gotta love your makeup brushes. How else are you going to contour and highlight? But how often do you clean your brushes? Probably not that often. Dermatologists recommend cleaning brushes at least once a week to prevent bacteria and to extend a brush's life. You can buy brush cleaner, or just use good old fashioned soap and water. Basically, wet the bristles with warm water and massage the cleaner or soap into it. Rinse the brush and dry it well by squeezing the moisture out, then be sure to re-form its original shape. To let the brush dry, leave it sitting with the head facing out—don't dry it on a towel or cloth, as moisture will gather and can cause mildew.

Q: Can what I eat affect my acne?

Well, the short answer? Kind of. You won't have a huge breakout just because you have a pizza night, but your skin might be more prone to acne if you tend to eat more sugar, meat or dairy. Bottom line? Eat what you want to eat in moderation and listen to your body! If it seems like something you're eating might be affecting your skin, then you can decide if it needs to go.

We hope we've answered your beauty Qs! Thought of something else? Ask us on social media @girlslifemag!


by Elina Graham and Erin Sargent | 3/12/2021