9 epic eye makeup looks to try this fall

You don't need a specific occasion to get a little experimental with your makeup. What you *do* need? A little confidence...and a few simple secrets. All eyes on your eyes!

Not-so-basic liners

Wild liner shapes totally work when you keep the rest of your makeup super simple. Stick to neutral shadows (or none at all) and let your liner help you live your best maximalist (eye) life.

Electric negative space

A neon cat-eye is cool, but you've been there and done that. Try going outside the lines by bringing your feline flick above the fold of your lid. Use the tip of your brow as a guide for where to stop, then connect it all at the outer corner. A pop of color on the lower lash line is a fierce final touch.

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To the point

Sofia Carson by @patrickta

Bold black liner always make an impact. Reinvent it by keeping your pencil parallel to your lash line (rather than up and out) to elongate your eye. Then, enhance your inner corner by adding a little liner down yb your lower lashes. The key to keeping both ends super sharp? Cleaning up your work with some micellar water and a liner brush if needed.

Abstract sunset

Aimee Song by @patrickta

Half-moon shapes enhance the roundness of your eyes—and look so cool layered over one another. Start by lining your whole upper lash line, then trace two-thirds of your crease and finish off by painting just halfway under your brow bone.

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Unexpected colors = 100% the move

Bold summer shades in the fall? Yep, electric eyes and pretty pastel shadows are so very this minute.

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Yellow probably isn't the first (or 10th) shade you'd think of applying all over your eyes. But it looks so pretty when paired with warm, bronzy tones for an overall glowy vibe.



Red lips are a classic...but red lids are definitely fresh. Want to make that scarlet color pop? Layer it over a white shadow base and keep your blush and lipstick low-key. So fire!



No matter what color eyes you have, royal blue is bound to make them sparkle. Use a dense brush to pack the color onto your lid, then blend the edges out with a clean, fluffy brush.

Play with placement

The latest ways to apply your fave standby shades—for those times where you want things to be elevated, but still easy.

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Hot wings


Place shadow far out and up toward your brows for a powerful cat-like stare. Blend well, then add black liner and mascara. It's the updated smoky eye.



Eyeshadow doesn't just have to go on your lids. Blend it into your crease and mirror the same line along your bottom lashes to create an "O" shape.


Gigi Hadid by @patrickta

Concentrate color on the inner corner of your eyes to mix things up a bit. Light, bright colors will make your eyes look more open and awake.

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Top image: @michellephan


by Erin Reimel | 10/17/2021