*This* is your sign to cut your hair short

Been thinking about doing the Big Chop for a while? We're here to tell you: Go for it. Chances are that if you're reading this rn, you've already been considering cutting your hair short, but you just need that push to actually commit to it. Well, *this* is that push. This is your sign to get that short haircut of your dreams.

What's stopping you? Cutting off a couple inches of your hair can totally lighten the weight off of your head, making it easier to style your hair up in a ponytail or some other updo. Your short hair will probably take a *way* shorter time to dry after a shower, you can totally switch up your look with a new length and above all—hair grows back. Even if you aren't in love with your new hair, what's the biggie? Your hair will grow back. 

So this is your sign: Commit to the short haircut. Need even more convincing (or just some hair inspo)? Check out these short hairstyles that we're obsessed with!

The effortless, windswept look


Short hair can 100% be low-maintenance. Depending on your hair type, there's no need for any special products—just let your hair dry naturally (or sleep with braids) and use dry shampoo if needed for that gorg effortless look!

The bouncy curl look


We can't get over how stunning curls look at a short length. No matter how short you decide to cut your curls, they'll be looking bouncy, healthy and overall beautiful.

The blunt bob look

Unleash your inner Cool Girl with a blunt bob! This look is super flattering (and pretty low-maintenance) for those with naturally straight hair, and whether you part your hair in the middle or on the side, a chin-length bob will be sure to turn heads.

The curtain bang look


TikTok's favorite bangs will never go out of style. Cutting curtain bangs with short hair will add some gorgeous volume to your hair, and this style is flattering on pretty much *every* face shape. Need we say more?

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by Jinny Kim | 4/5/2022