Who cares if it’s still snowy? It’s never too early to stock up on cute shoes for spring, right?! MUDD’s newest kicks are adorable…and affordable. Check out some of our faves!

shoe4.jpg, $25.

Fabulous Faux: These shoes make me think of Dancing with the Stars, which I love. They’ll look great with a knit dress and tights or jeans and a dressy top.

shoe1.jpg, $45.

Peacock: Could these be the perfect shoe for a dance? Let us know after your V-Day ball. They’re perfectly dainty, but the heel isn’t so skinny that you’ll take a Blush-Much worthy spill.

shoe3.jpg, $30.

Bondi Jeweled Peep-Toe: Dressy enough for a date, but not too blinged out for school. I would wear these every day with a cute and casual shift or a flouncy skirt and blouse combo.

shoe5.jpg, $45.

Moulin Ballet: These shoes are so flirty—love all the tiny flowers. Perfect with jeans and a girly cardigan or great with your fave skirt.

shoe2.jpg, $35.

Patchwork: Is it flip-flop weather yet? These boho sandals have super-cute patchwork and a teeny wedge that makes ‘em stand out from the usual rubber flips.

-Katie Abbondanza

BLOG ABOUT IT: How stoked are you for warm weather and spring shoes?! What pair's your fave? Drop us a line, we wanna know!

1/20/2008 2:00:23 PM