Easy ways to incorporate more brown into your wardrobe


Brown is here to stay this fall... and winter, TBH. It's both comfortable and chic, perfect for a girls' night in or a classy urban look.  Although we'd all love to be able to switch out our wardrobe at a moment's notice, incorporating trends into your daily fits is easier said than done. It's not completely impossible, though— keep reading and we'll give you *all* the tips on how you can brown-ify your closet. 

1. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize
The easiest way to spice up your closet's color palette is with small accent pieces. Headbands give off a chic academia feel and so do hats if you're willing to make a bolder statement! Of course, there's always a trusty purse option, too. 

Headband, $14Purse, $30Hat, $29

2.  Go big
If you're as obsessed with brown as we are, feel free to skip the baby steps and add a staple piece to your wardrobe. Basics, such as solid t-shirts and tanks, can easily fit into any of your fave fits. You can also add a brown jacket or pants to make the color the center of your look.

Jeans, $50 

3.  *Shoe* your stuff
Brown is a neutral color, which means it's the perfect shade for shoes! The options are endless—sneakers, boots, or brown slippers for those rainy days. 

Converse, $80Booties, $70Slippers, $50

4. Material Girl
This last tip is more of a general rule. When you're shopping for new pieces, look for knits, leather, corduroy and patterns like plaid and houndstooth. 


With all these easy tips under your belt, your fall fits are about to be *ah-mazing.* The biggest thing to remember? Wear what makes *you* feel your best, but don't be afraid to test your comfort zone a little bit. You've got this. 

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by Riley Yates | 11/26/2021