How to choose the best homecoming dress

With homecoming just around the corner, your mind is probably racing with all your aesthetic ideas! The first step is choosing the best dress for you. But when you walk into the dress shop full of endless racks of frocks, it can be overwhelming. If it's your first homecoming, it can be even more stressful—but you're in luck! Read on for tips on how to make picking your dream dress easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Pick a color scheme


Dresses come in so many different colors and different shades, so try to narrow down what color you want to three or four options. Once you pick your color, think of the texture. Do you want a metallic green? Or a glittery purple? Or maybe you want a cotton pastel green—every choice makes your search easier.

Set a budget

We all hate to admit it, but homecoming can get pretty expensive once you put everything together (nails, hair, dress, shoes, accessories, food—it can all add up super quick). Setting a budget for your overall spending or just the dress alone will make it so much easier to pick a dress because you eliminate all the dresses outside of your price range.

Make an inspo Pinterest board


If you have absolutely no idea what you want, starting a random Pinterest board of ideas is always helpful. Start a collection and give it a fun name like "hoco 22 :)"...and just add anything you see that is the vibe you're going for. If your school has a theme for homecoming, you can add that in and think of what styles go with that theme.

Coordinate with your friends


Hoco is all about having the best time with your closest friends—and ofc, the iconic IG photo dump! Get on a group FaceTime and figure out if you all want to wear the same color...or who's going to match with who. If you're going with a group of couples or just your date, try to match with them for an aesthetically pleasing combo.

Try on different dress styles


You can only wear short dresses to homecoming...NOT! You can wear long dresses, over-the-top dresses, fuzzy dresses, comfy dresses, whatever style you think looks best. When you start looking for dresses, try on as many as you want. The more you try on, the better vibe you'll get for what you want to be strutting in!

Stay true to yourself 


Picking a dress should be fun! While picking out the colors and what accessories you want are all important, the most important thing when choosing a dress is deciding on one that you genuinely like. Who cares what others think? Pick a dress that makes you feel confident to dance the night away.

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by Taylor Hancock | 9/29/2022