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12 days of dresses
Sure, you could pair a sparkly sweater set with a tired pencil skirt for Aunt Hilda's annual bash. Or top trousers with that tacky reindeer monstrosity granny gifted ya with last year. But this holiday season, we're looking for a li'l indulgence: dresses, dresses and more dresses! You'll shine from your first cookie swap through NYE in our favorite frocks ever.

3 festive frocks (in the most unexpected colors)

Because why should red and green get to have all the fun?


Perfect party dresses for pear shapes

We have your go-to dresses for all the season’s parties!


6 party dress picks for tall girls

Embrace your supermodel height with dresses that show it off!


4 ways to rework your LBD for any occasion

Winter-ready updates for the timeless dress.



Pretty party dresses for apple shapes

From the snowflake semi-formal to NYE, we've picked out the best party dresses of the season!


4 sequined dresses to add to your wishlist

Sparkle and shine with these showstopping stunners!


6 dazzling dresses for hourglass girlies

Feast your eyes on these figure-flaunting frocks for all of your seasonal shindigs...


3 ways to rework last year's holiday dress

Who says you can't teach an old dress new tricks?



6 ah-dorable party dresses for curvy cuties

On our wishlists? Oh, just a festive frock or two...


The best holiday dresses under $30

The smartest and sweetest styles of the season.


6 petite-perfect party dresses

It's time to turn up the wow-factor!


Countdown to NYE with 3 amazing dresses

Gear up, girlies! It's time to put on that party dress!




To get ready for the new school year, what do you do first?


Snag a sneak peek of The Giver!



It's based on an incredible book. It features our current cover girl, Taylor Swift. And it's sure to be the biggest blockbuster of the summer.


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It's FINALLY our 20th birthday! To celebrate, we've rounded up our all time fave (and all time best) fashion and beauty tips 'n' tricks, amazing boy/bestie/life advice plus room DIYs, amazing recipes and top 20 lists exclusively for you right here on girlslife.com.

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