Make him yours by the time the ball drops
Enough crushin', cutie! It's time to make your move. Here's our go-to guide for everything you need to know to get your guy puckerin' up by New Year's Eve. Let the countdown begin!

Snag your perfect NYE date

You've got the perf party invite, but now you need a cutie to kiss when the clock strikes midnight...


Win over your crush right now

These four no-fail tips will help you catch that cutie's eye.


How to make him laugh

My classes this year are filled with guys. How do I break the ice?


Our top tips for talking to boys

You’ve snagged a fab date, but in the middle of dinner, you freeze up. What should you say?



The dos and don'ts of flirtexting

True, there's nothing like flirting with your crush in person, but it's a pretty awesome feeling seeing his name pop up on your phone. Wanna take your cellular charm up a notch? Here's how...


Cute things to say to guys

Got your eye on a cutie at a party, but don't know how to break the ice? Want to add some romance to your relationship...


Hot holiday date ideas for you 'n' your beau

Cuddle up with your cutie on these fun, festive dates.


What should I get my BF for the holidays?

Should I go traditional and football-related or unexpected but thoughtful?



Ask A Guy: First Kiss Help!

Need advice from a REAL guy? My name’s Mike, and I’ve been the relationship doctor and best guy friend to my girl friends for longer than I...


Our 10 fave mistletoe-proof glosses

The perfect holiday pucker.


4 secrets to avoid makeout mishaps

Kissing is like dancing: you have to let the boy lead. But here are a few tips that’ll take your kissing to the next level...


You just remembered there is a book report due in a week. What are you thinking?


WIN IT! Can *you* solve the mystery?



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