Exclusive: Peyton List spills who she would bring bestie Yara Shahidi to summer camp with her!

Get your s'more rations ready, girls! Tonight on Disney Channel's Bunk'd, the Ross kids + co. celebrate their last night at camp with an overnight camping trip and—finally!—Emma (Peyton List) and Ravi (Karan Brar) take their final tests to become counselors.

Prior to the nail-biting test, we chatted with the one-and-only Peyton. Read on for dish on her ultimate camp getaway and the five special people she *has* to have campside.

If it was *your* last night at camp, what would you do to celebrate?
"I would escape off to 'the spot,' our place at camp that all the older counselors sneak off to whenever they throw parties and wanna get away from the campers. I'd invite everyone, roast s'mores, and—most likely—cry over how much I'm going to miss everyone!"

If you could go to summer camp with 5 of your friends, who would you bring?
"I would bring my brother, Spencer, my friends Yara [Shahidi], Aidan [Alexander], Krissy [Saleh], and Kaylyn [Sans]."

What's your favorite thing about playing Emma?
"I've played her for seven years now so she has honestly become this side of me I can go in and out of so easily. My favorite thing about her is her optimism and honesty. I also love how she has stepped up to the plate and taken on more responsibility. I can relate to how much love and loyalty she has for her siblings, too."

How do you think Emma has changed since Bunk'd started?
"Well, Emma wanted to leave camp on the first day and couldn't stand almost everything about it. I feel like she has become less self absorbed and more concerned for everyone around her. After she made friends, found a boy she liked and started participating in the activities, she became invested and learned to take care of others besides just herself."

Catch a peek at the episode below before it airs tonight at at 6 p.m. on Disney Channel.

What is *your* favorite Bunk'd episode? Do you have a fave Bunk'd moment? Share yours below!

Photo credit: Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico

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by Sydney Adamson | 4/28/2017