*These* characters are returning for Descendants 3!

We have *more* Descendants 3 news for you!

We can officially confirm that Thomas Doherty (Harry, son of Captain Hook), Dylan Playfair (Gil, son of Gaston) and Sarah Jeffery (Audrey, daughter of Princess Aurora) will reprise their roles for Disney Channel's Descendants 3.

That sound you just heard? Oh, that was just us squealing with excitement!

Yes, we are *so* hype. In February, Disney dropped the news that D3 is officially happening. It was then that our faves behind the main VKs—Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, BooBoo Stewart and China Anne McClain—confirmed they were returning for the third installment of the series, too. Mitchell Hope is returning as King Ben, too!

If you remember in Descendants, Audrey dated then-Prince Ben. Though she wasn't featured in Descendants 2, it was then that we gained troublemakers Harry and Gil, both part of Uma's (China) evil pirate gang. 

Descendants 3 is slated to premiere in 2019. 

What do you think: Are you excited for Descendants 3? What new characters do you hope we meet in the flick?

Photo: Disney Channel


by Sydney Adamson | 4/20/2018