EXCLUSIVE! Everything you need to know about Ayden Mekus

We are absolutely obsessed with the young YouTube and TikTok star Ayden Mekus for his incredibly funny content and passion for spreading positivity through his work. While currently working with Dhar Mann Studios on their motivational videos, Ayden is sure to continue growing as one of the biggest influencers of this generation. We got to sit down with Ayden and discuss all of his latest successes(plus find out what his upcoming projects will be). 

GL: What advice would you have for aspiring young influencers like yourself? 

Ayden:  I know a lot of people say this, but if you have a passion or dream that you want to accomplish, just go for it! Don't give up on your dreams and if you really want to do that, then just go for it. Don't let anyone stop you and believe that you can because you've got it.

GL: Why is it important for you to spread positivity through your social media content? 

Ayden: Number 1, positivity is just the way to go. For me, I always try to look at the light in situations because that's what you have to do. Sometimes this world has a lot of hatred and negativity, so we need more people to spread positivity. You never know what people are going through and sometimes people need that positivity to change their life. I'm very grateful for the small things, like even if someone gives me a smile, and those ways of spreading positivity can make such a difference. Having the platform that I do, I just want to spread the positivity to as many people as I can. 

GL: We love how much grateful you are for your success, do you have a fav way to practice gratitude?

Ayden: Every week I do Monday Motivations, where I do a 15-30 second video and tell a message for the week where people can be motivated or inspired by it. 

GL: We love your message about anti-bullying and social advocacy, what inspired you to speak out about this topic?  

Ayden: I actually was bullied myself, that's why I'm such a big advocate for spreading awareness about anti-bullying. I was bullied really badly in middle school and I hate to see other people go through that. I have my own t-shirt line with phrases like "Be a buddy, not a bully" and I try to spread awareness of that because it's something that means a lot to me. Even through working with Dhar Mann and my acting, I can spread awareness through some of those messages and stories. You're a good person and know your worth, so no matter what don't let them stop you. If you have a passion that people are putting you down for, just know that you're doing what's best for you and keep doing it. 

GL: Growing up, did you have any actors or musicians that inspired you to get involved in the entertainment industry? 

Ayden: Yes, of course! Definitely The Rock and Kevin Hart, I love them as a dynamic duo and how funny they are. For music, I use it as therapy. I've been loving The Kid Laroi right now because whenever I listen to his music, whether I need to relate or just vibe out, he inspires me. I'm actually working on music right now, so hopefully, soon you'll see some new songs released by me! 

GL:  What's your favorite thing about working in the social media world? 

Ayden: Honestly, I like to do it just because I can make people happy. I can put a small on people's faces and when people make comments saying "Hey you made my entire week" that's why I do it. I try to make the best content I can and put it out there, which makes me feel so good. 

GL: We love how involved you are with your fans, do you have any fave memories with them?

Ayden: There's this really cool fan page and they make fan edits where they stitch me together with other celebrities and make fun videos of us "acting together". I prefer to call my friends my family, and I even met a fan who is one of my close friends now. 

Stay up to date with Ayden on Insta @ayden.mekus!

Images via Ashley Roberts and Catherine Little. Parts of this interview were edited and condensed for clarity. 


by Jasmine Robinson | 11/15/2021