EXCLUSIVE! We spoke to Jeremy Scheck about FoodTok and his super sweet rescue dog

Calling all #FoodTok fans! We had the amaze opportunity to chat with Jeremy Scheck, one of our fave Gen Z chefs. Whether you recognize him from your FYP (he has over two *million* followers on TikTok) or keep up with him on Instagram, you know that Jeremy has some serious skills—and that he's recently teamed up with Wellness Pet Food to promote pet health and wellness. Read on to learn all about Jeremy's passion for cooking...and his adorable rescue dog, Maude!

Girls' Life: Tell us how you got your start on TikTok.
Jeremy Scheck: I've been food blogging for about seven years now. Right when I was sent home from college my sophomore year (due to the pandemic), I started documenting myself cleaning out my kitchen at school and making recipes with whatever ingredients I had left. Up until that point I had just been taking pictures and writing recipes. In a lot of ways, my videos were just a continuation of what I had already been doing—but it's also been a totally new experience.

GL: And how did you discover your passion for cooking?
Jeremy: I was always into food. I'm the type of person who eats dinner and is already thinking about my next meal. After getting my black belt in taekwondo, I was ready to try something new, and I needed to find somewhere else to put my energy. I decided to get a job at a bakery and started teaching myself how to cook. I would bake something new every day and bring it into school. My best friend would even start to get hungry at a certain time because she was expecting that I was about to bring in a baked good to our second-period class! I eventually decided to apply to colleges to study food science, which I didn't end up majoring in...but I did take, like, 15 food-related courses. 

GL: What's your favorite meal to make in a time crunch?
Jeremy: I love a good quesadilla, but I only like corn tortillas. You can easily add leftovers like roasted chicken, so it's definitely a go-to.

GL: We have to ask about Maude. How did you meet each other?
Jeremy: I took my family's dog Hazel to school for six weeks, which was what made me decide that I wanted a dog of my own. I went to the local shelter, saw Maude and fell in love with her. I couldn't leave without her! She's the most affectionate and sweet dog, When I first got her, she was really underweight. Getting her on a good diet was something that was important to me. Adding Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly to her diet was a really great way to supercharge her kibble and give her what she wants and needs. 

GL: What are some ways that you like to spend time with her?
Jeremy: I love going to the farmer's market with her, and a lot of the vendors have little treats for dogs. I also love seeing where I can let her off the leash, like at parks and dog runs where she has the freedom to sniff around. Sometimes I'll even do special "spaw" nights and make sure she gets a really nice bath. And, of course, outdoor dining at restaurants that allow dogs.

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Slider and header image via @scheck


by Lena Genovese | 12/4/2022