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Having trouble with a bully? Take a lesson from this babe

A girl named Sarah from Arundel High School in Maryland was being constantly bullied at school, and though she asked for help from school officials, nothing had been done.  Hopeless that change would come, Sarah took to her Reddit page. She posted an article about the harassment she was enduring and the lack of adult involvement, and went so far as to suggest it would only end if she committed suicide. 
Outraged by the school’s refusal to address the bullying issues, thousands of people who read Sarah’s post, which went viral, took it upon themselves to email Arundel High’s principal. The very next day, actions were taken by the school to discipline the bully. Soon after, police arrested the bully for harassing another student.


Standing up to bullies can be really scary, but when people like Sarah expose the shortcomings in the school system it only works to ensure a safer future for everyone else.


If you are being bullied, try these tips to seek support from your community:


Tell everyone! Don’t be shy or ashamed of the fact that someone is picking on you.


Tell any adult who will listen to you because even if some of them dismiss you, someone is bound to take your concerns seriously. Tell your parents, teachers, the principal, the school nurse, your aunts, uncles, grandparents, even older siblings.


Reach out to your friends for help. Use your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog and any other form of social media to speak out against bullying and share your personal experiences. The more people know about you and how you are being hurt, the more they will feel inclined to help. Be aware though that you are putting your personal story out in a public sphere and some people could comment rudely.  Stand strong!


Start or join an anti-bullying movement in your school or neighborhood. Being bullied is a common experience so many people will be able to relate to what you are going though. When anti-bullying becomes more popular less people will bully since they want to seem cool.


Never stand for being bullied. Each and everyone of us is an important and special person with awesome things to contribute to the world  and no one has the right to tell you otherwise. Stick up for other kids who are being bullied. Visit to learn how.

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by Amanda Poole | 2/1/2016
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