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7 brave boys we wanna be saved by


The big screen has been full of one adventure flick after another with cuties who step up to save the day. From unsung heroes to those who wear capes and protect the world from evil, those who have super powers and those who only want to help, we love them all. It’s tough to pick favorites, but here is our list of heroic hotties we wouldn’t mind getting saved by any day of the week.


Which fictional heroic hottie would you liked to be saved by? Share in the comments below.



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  • 1Finnick.jpg

    Finnick Odair (Catching Fire)

    It’s no secret that we all swooned whenever Finnick came on screen. Not only is he extremely good-looking, but his personality is what makes us love him. Finnick’s always there to protect Mags, like when he’s willing to carry her on his back. He is loyal and willing to risk his life so others can live.

  • 2Four.jpg

    Four (Divergent)
    When you first meet Four, you’re curious about who he really is. Tall, handsome…and extremely mysterious. But we start to learn more about his past and his true character as he opens up to Tris. Even though Four has had a tough life, he always look towards the future and will risk everything for the greater good.

  • 3CaptainAmerica.jpg

    Captain America (The Avengers)

    It’s impossible not to love the heroic figure of America who still acts as if it’s the ’40s. Captain America is all about justice, saving the innocent and protecting America. We love his chivalry and his old-fashioned ways.

  • 4Wolverine.jpg

    Wolverine (X-Men)

    At first glance, Wolverine may seem pretty scary. But deep down he has a heart of gold. He could have chosen to stay forever angry about becoming a lab experiment, but this dude decides to use his newfound powers for the greater good.

  • 5Sherlock.jpg

    Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)

    This quirky character proves that you don’t need to have super powers to be a hero. He uses his brains and his brawn to outwit those who have evil plans. Bonus: Not only is he amazing at uncovering clues, Sherlock is always loyal to his friends.

  • 6HarryPotter.jpg

    Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

    Hello! He’s reason why everyone wants to go to Hogwarts. It couldn’t have been easy having the life that Harry had, but he’s constantly determined to help save others. Not to mention, we love that he can balance serious sitches with some fun.

  • 7Spiderman.jpg

    Spiderman (The Amazing Spiderman)

    It must have been hard to go from always being in the shadows to saving the entire city of New York, but Peter Parker always does his best. Instead of using his scary new powers to get back at everyone who bullied him, he uses them to help those very people. There’s a lot to be said for that.

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016
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