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EXCLUSIVE! Piper Rockelle hearts you (and, OK, we're obsessing right back): She's sharing it all, from friendship drama to self-esteem struggles to her biggest, brightest plans for 2022. 

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Wear. Love. Repeat. Spring trends to live in 🌸✨ 
Right now (and forever, tbh), we're all about seeking out the trends that you can drag and drop on any fit—then walk out feeling your most confident. Ready to play favorites?

Swoon-worthy beauty, right this way...
Love is in the air, bb! Whatever feels you find yourself with rn, we found your makeup match—from bold but dreamy rose tones to standout shadows. 

The *exact* text to get your crush crushing back 
Texting with a maybe-bae isn't all funny memes and low-key Snaps. If your convo has turned confusing, have no fear, bc your chat cupids are here.

The Galentine's brunch of your dreams 
Brb, saving this moodboard. Time to celebrate your fabulous friendships and treat your girls to the adorbs afternoon they deserve. 

The overwhelmed girl's guide to getting stuff done 
Turns out, you actually *can* make deadlines/survive pop quizzes/still have time for a life. Who knew? 

It's self-love season 
It's easy to be sweet to everyone around you (yeah, you're just nice like that). But use these itty-bitty tips to bounce the happy moods right back to you, too. 

Can what you eat *actually* affect your skin? 
Fancy face masks aren't the only way to get glowy: The secret to gorgeous skin goes way beneath the surface. 

OK, bust these relationship myths ASAP...
In honor of Valentine's Day, we're, ahem, crushing widespread love lies ("Play hard to get!") so you can find *your* bae bliss. 

Here's how to thrift the ~right~ way 
Save the planet, save your cash, save your next lewk. Sounds great? Thought so. Follow these steps for a practically perfect thrifting trip. 

Psst, being single is kinda your superpower 
Have you heard? Being unattached is kinda the move. Here's why flying solo just might be the key to the best year yet. 

Are crystals the key to manifesting your dream future?
They're pretty, they're powerful, they fit in your pocket (and they're all over your feed). But are these gorge gems *really* the secret to wellness? We investigate. 

The truth about TikTok and mental health 
When it comes to your brain, when should you trust your FYP? We asked experts to break down when to swipe up. 

Your astro sign + their astro sign = true love?
Sure, they might be cuter than the puppy your fam got for the holidays, but are they *really* your perfect match? The secret is in the stars, bb.

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this season...
Lexi Underwood has *all* the answers to living your most authentic life rn (catch her in Sneakerella on Disney+ Feb. 18), and Ava Michelle is giving us *major* confidence in Tall Girl 2 (on Netflix Feb. 11). Plus, the ultimate streaming marathon to text through featuring old faves and fresh finds. 

In this issue, you'll also find... 

🌟When to step up and say yes
While there are things that might be wise to turn down, there's a lot you should give a big nod to—especially when it comes to going after your goals. 

πŸ’žQuiz! Is your BGF crushing on you?
Friendships with guys can be confusing so, don't worry, we decoded what's beneath the surface of your bestie status.

πŸ’ͺIs your workout working? 
There are some telltale indicators to prove you're making progress, so look for these simple signs in your day-to-day to know you're on the right track. 

πŸ‘„The secret to an amaze smile is...
We got serious answers on whether TikTok's whitening trends are legit, plus easy routines you can take on ASAP. 

πŸ“•We found a book to match *any* crush sitch 
Awww, it's as easy as that. Just choose a candy heart message and snag your next TBR. If only actual romance was so simple...

+ Dear Carol on what to do when you feel left out 
+ Just a bunch of tiny reasons why ~everyone~ loves you
+ How to pop a pimple and save your face 
+ Would you be BFFs with you? How to upgrade your friendship game 
+ Skinimalism = a trend we're super here for
+ Allllll the cringiest, laugh-out-loud crush moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



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Website mentions in February/March 2022...
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+ Indoor workouts to raise your heart rate even when it's freezing HERE. β„️
+ Soooo now we're memorizing everyone's astrology Big Six, what it means HERE. πŸ’«

PAGE 4: On the FEBRUARY calendar...
+ Level up your chocolate-covered strawberry game HERE. πŸ“
+ WIN! One lucky lady and her bestie will each score a Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera plus one 10-pack of Instax Mini Confetti Instant Film (worth $170!). Enter all February long right HERE. πŸ“Έ

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February/March 2022 Cover (Piper Rockelle): Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by Heather Weppler for Exclusive Artists using Kevin Murphy. Makeup by Phillip Nathaniel. Fashion: Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Lo VonRumpf.

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by GL | 1/15/2022