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EXCLUSIVE!  Brb, manifesting a Pressley Hosbach mood. The 15-year-old dancer, actress, singer and fashion designer is letting us in on the secrets to the sunniest school year yet: Kicking her comfort zone to the curb, having ~all~ the fun with her true-blue crew and leaving perfectionism in the past.

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Fall fashion 🌟 Oh hey, it's you, looking amazing 
Style class is now in session, because these back-to-school lewks are ~anything~ but boring.

Bold is better: Our new beauty motto 
Time for new classes, new friends and a new year. Now meet your new look: bright colors, daring details and loads of hair bling.

Slay your school year 
Bc we're starting fresh. That thing you always swear is going to be different? Make it happen in this step-by-step guide to your BTS rebrand.

Your new bestie, right this way
No matter how tight you are with your current crew, the new school year (and the universe) always seems to give you the opp to add to your squad. Reveal your BFF match straight from the stars...

Consider this your cute desk alert
The secret to glowing up your study spot? Yep, it's a personality test. Let's get organized—in the way that works for y-o-u.

Great hair days? Let's do it
You know that fresh-from-the-salon feeling when your hair's on point...and suddenly you are, too? Imagine being able to have it look that good on the daily (hint: we can help). 

Dear breakfast, I love you
You heard it here first: Stop. Skipping. Breakfast. Welcome to the era where you rise and shine the *right* way... 

Quiz! Are you + your crush on the road to a relationship?
Tired of the talking stage? This one's for you. We put together some crucial Q's so you can decide if they're down to date...or dragging their feet.

We put together the ultimate high school bucket list
You've heard it before, but these four years really do go by in the blink of an eye. So get ready to seize each and every day, bc "carpe diem" is your new mantra...

Yes, it *is* possible to stress less 
It's not magical thinking—it's mindfulness. Cultivate these tiny moments of awareness and get ready for clearer thinking and calmer vibes.

She shoots, she scores (a spot on the squad, that is) 
If the sight of the word "tryout" throws your stomach for a loop, you're not alone. But have no fear, these coaches and top athletes are sharing *all* their secrets for the big day.

Live every day like you're on vacay
Ever wish you could capture that blissed-out summer feeling way into fall? Yep, you totally can. Let us explain.

Quiz! Are you set to shine this school year?
Most likely to succeed...or, ahem, room to improve? From procrastination to phone habits, peep your personal report card before the first bell even rings.

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this season...
Going to a concert? We've got your must-have guide to take you all the way from securing tickets to documenting the night. PLUS: A page-turning book for every school lunch vibe *and* throwback TV and fab flicks to stream before the first day.

In this issue, you'll also find... 

πŸ’˜ Ditch your bad habits for good 
Ready to clean up your act and make your life about a million times easier? Yep, thought so. 

😘 Your official crush dictionary
We compiled everything we know about relationships (from A to Z) so you can hit the hallways with your best foot—and heart—forward.

πŸ‘―‍♀️ It's time to rethink your squad goals 
We're gonna say it: A huge friend group isn't the fit for every gal. Embrace your floater status...or find your forever crew with these tips.

πŸ’” "Will it happen to me?" 
In the aftermath of school shootings, going back to the classroom can be scary. Here's how to fight some of those fears.

✏️ The school supply guide for *every* sign 
Curate your locker, desk and backpack content with a little inspo from the astrological elements. Adorableness awaits... 

πŸ’ͺ Be a period warrior 
One in five girls doesn't have the period products she needs—and the problem's getting worse. Here's what you can do about it. 

+ Dear Carol on handling long-distance friendships 
+ Flirt advice that ~actually~ works (yep, even if you're shy)
+ The newbie's guide to...the glowiest skin ever 
+ Add *these* mini self-care moments to any busy day
+ All the awkward first day of school moments 
+ Tons of fun and freebies
...and so much more!



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Image Credits:
August/September 2022 Cover (Pressley Hosbach) and Fashion: Photographed by Sean Scheidt. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by Phillip Nathaniel. Makeup by Maurie Davidson. 

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by GL | 8/1/2022