How to host the cutest spa day sleepover

We're calling it: Spa-themed slumber parties are *the* sleepover idea of the year! So get your face masks and nail polishes ready, because we've compiled the cutest guide on how to host a spa day sleepover for you and your besties.

Setting the mood

First things first, setting the mood is a definite must. We're going for a 5-star worthy spa here, so anything to make the ambiance a calm, meditative space is what you need.   


Candles: Perhaps the best way to feel zen: You can't have a spa day sleepover without candles to dimly light the room. Find your fave scent and go for ones that have a pretty aesthetic—think florals and minimalistic designs. 

Oil diffuser: Not only do oil diffusers smell nice, but they also have benefits for your skin and mental state. Aromatherapy diffusers purify the air, which keeps your skin clear and hair shiny. They also help you destress and relax your mind and immune system. 

Fuzzy slippers: Rule #1 to any sleepover? Comfort is key! And what better way to keep cozy than fuzzy slippers? You and your squad can even get matching ones to make the vibe ten times cuter. 

Soothing music: It's time to sit back and unwind, so turn on a calm playlist to set the tone. Go for some chill lo-fi tunes or background ocean waves to ease your mind.

Face masks


For fresh and balanced skin, face masks are essential. If you're opting for store-bought, there are *so* many options available. From peel-off to clay to sheet name it! Or, take your sleepover to the next level by doing a DIY face mask activity with your BFFs. You can also invest in spa headbands to keep those pesky hairs out of your face when masking.

Lip scrubs

While your face masks are setting, say goodbye to chapped lips. Check out these DIY sugar lip scrubs to make with your friends during your spa sleepover. 



For the ultimate mani-pedi station, you'll need nail files, clippers, polish remover, a top coat, lotion and a variety of polish colors. Get creative with it, whether you want to go the plain route or one with fun designs. If you're stuck on what to do, here's a little inspo to get you started. The great part about doing manis with your besties is that when you get to your non-dominant hand, you can have someone help you out!

Homemade bath bombs

Getting crafty with homemade bath bombs will be a blast for you and your friends. Luckily, we've put together the perf recipe to do just that! Or, there are also a ton of bath bomb crafting kits online to purchase.

Fruit-infused detox water


With all the fun you'll be having at your spa day sleepover, you'll need to stay hydrated. We 100% recommend detox water, which is yummy, customizable and *so* easy to do. Better yet, create a detox water station! To do so, set up a table with cute cups or mason jars on one end, followed by a water dispenser, ice (you can even make the ice heart-shaped!), an assortment of add-ins and patterned straws. 

Some benefits to fruit-infused water include healthy skin, stronger immune system, increased energy, better digestion and more. Toss in some lemon, cucumber, berries and/or apples. You can also throw in some mint for extra flavor. 

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by Madison Yee | 7/25/2022