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BEST OF 2008: Singers!

There are lots of fab singers out there. Girls’ Life editors spill our very favorite faves from 2008. Take a look at our list, then share your own best pick from the past year. And, come back tomorrow to weigh in on your fave Christmas movie picks!

TRISH: “Taylor Swift. What’s not to love about this chick? She’s gutsy and her songs have meaning.”
KATIE A: “Vampire Weekend. Boys who sing about commas make me swoon.”
JIAE: “Britney Spears. Girlfriend went nutso crazy and came back with a number one album. LOVES it!”
KATIE MS: Katy Perry
ANDREA: “Britney Spears. I'm loving her comeback and am so excited to see her turning back into the amazing mega star we once knew and loved. Her new album just dropped as well as her tell-all documentary on MTV and she's starting to look like her old self. Loves it.”
L’OREAL: Rihanna
KERI: “Beyonce has done it again! She keeps winning me over with her uber-catchy dance songs and straight to the point slow ballads.”
AMANDA: “I heart Taylor Swift. Those of us around the office dig this chick in a big way.”

Now spill, girls! What musical artist is tops in your book?

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12/24/2008 12:07:00 PM