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8 books every girl needs to read while she's a teenager

The life of a teenager can be confusing and difficult to navigate. There are questions you have and things you don't understand. You're not alone, though. There are enndless stories and experiences that are similar to what you're going through and feeling right now. Learn from other women and get inspired with these rad reads!

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    This book answers some of the questions that bug most girls: How do I handle my emotions? Am I enough? Why should I follow my heart? These are just a sample of the many answered in this book. Biblical wisdom mixed with stories of other teen girls' experiences makes the perfect combo to help all the girls out there through thier teenage years. Regardless of religion, this book is guarenteed to give you a different perspective.

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    This book is sure to inspire! This mixture of advice and stories from various celebrities is designed to encourage girls to find their strength, be confident and believe in themselves. Read about experiences and wisdom from amazing women, including Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson and Eva Mendes. You can also learn the importance of having friends and mentors, being able to laugh at yourself and giving back to others. This book will help you dream big and stay true to yourself.

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    If you're thinking of getting active, this book will definitely make you want to do it. Run Like A Girl follows the stories of various remarkable women of all ages and backgrounds through their experiences with sports. Learn how doing a sport can give you strength in all aspects of your life. Get inspired and start running and maybe you'll feel happier, stronger and more fulfilled!

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    A social life is something most teens want, but there can be a lot of pressure that comes with having one. This book gives you scientifically-supported tips that will guide you through the jungle that is a teen social life. Personal stories from young women will help put everything into perspective and show you that you aren't alone in what you're going through. After reading, you'll feel more confident, connected, and happy.

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    Girls have very different experiences in adolescence than boys, and they need help navigating it. The truth is that girls are awesome we can't forget it. This book helps remind girls just how awesome we are. Read about self-esteem, believing in yourself, reaching your dreams and so much more.

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    Girls are fed way too many negative messges throughout their lives. It often translates to a voice in our head saying we aren't good enough, but this book is sure to help you silence that voice. Reading this will help you realize that you are *that girl* that creates magic, lives fearlessly, inspires others and will leave the world a better place. Today is the day to start living the life that you want to live. I Am That Girl will give you the jumpstart you need.

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    Save this book for when you're going out into the "real world," because it will be a lifesaver. It will help guide you through situations that you had no idea were coming your way—things you'd never think about, like cleaning up a social media mishap to making quick money. The conversational and nurturing voice of Melissa Kirsch helps guide young women through these stressful and personal topics.

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    Being a girl can be scary and dangerous in today's world. This book will help you navigate the dangerous and put to rest the scary assumptions. You're already fabulous, so learn how to embrace everything that makes you you. Learn how the world works and how to not get lost in it. This uplifting and practical novel will help you aspire, achieve and leave your teenage years even stronger than before. You'll also be encouraged to think for yourself as a girl out in the world.

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by Natalie Bland | 8/18/2017