DIY your own brown sugar lip scrub


Winter isn’t the only season in which you should be taking extra care of your lips—summer is just as important. The hot sun and UV rays on those beach days can really dry out and even burn your lips. This leaves dead and unwanted skin behind, so how can you get rid of it? Try making your very own brown sugar lip scrub right at home.

What you’ll need: brown sugar • coconut oil • honey • extra virgin olive oil • mixing bowl • small container

Hot tip: Coconut oil is great for moisturizing. It’s super inexpensive and you can find it almost any grocery or drug store.


1. To judge how much brown sugar to use, fill a little over half your small container, then pour it into a mixing bowl.

2. Combine with your olive oil, coconut oil and honey, eyeballing for measurements.

3. Be careful not to over mix your combination. When the coconut oil warms up, it'll get more liquidy than solid, and you don't want it to dissolve all your sugar.

4. Store your scrub in the fridge to keep them fresh.


To use your scrub, make sure your lips are clean and dry, then take a dab of scrub out with your finger and apply in a layer over your lips. Once you have your lip scrub on, you can use your finger—or even better, a toothbrush (not the one you use on your teeth—try a baby toothbrush from the store)—to scrub it in. Once you feel all the extra dry skin is gone, rinse your lips to get rid of any extra stickiness, then apply chapstick, lip salve or lip balm to moisturize.

Watch the whole video tutorial from Nicole Guerriero here.

Photo and tutorial credit: Nicole Guerriero


by Kristina Lee | 6/18/2016