Your best prom after party ever

Q: Why should the fun stop when the lights come up on the dance floor?


A: It shouldn’t!


Keep your spring fling fun going into the wee hours of the morning (or until curfew—happy, Mom and Dad?) with a party plan that’s gonna let the good times roll, girlie!


Plan the festivities

Get together with your girls and sketch out your ideal spring dance timeline. Where do you want to get ready? Who do you want to take you and pick you up? Where do you wanna hang out afterward? Consider all the elements before talking to your ‘rents—how many people you want to invite, what sort of activities you want to do and how much space you need. Try to split up the evening so one chica’s mom (or your own) isn’t stuck chauffeuring you and your chicas around all night.


Hot spot

If your folks aren’t too keen about having a bevy of your buds over—or your tired of the same-old sleepover thing—consider taking the party elsewhere. An old-school arcade or bowling alley that’s open late could be a nifty option.


Invite your crew

Even if you’re spreading the word in advance, it’s nice to send out formal invites with all the who/what/where/when deets. Not only will your friends be able to leave all the info home for their parents, just in case, but they’ll also be able to include it with other mementos from the evening. A cardstock cut-out of a paper doll dressed in an evening gown, a bedazzled star or a glittery flower are super cute options.


Deck the walls

Most spring dances and proms revolve around a central theme: Under the sea, flower power, blast from the past—you get the idea. Bring the dance’s atmosphere to your after party by adopting the same attitude. Hang crepe paper in shades of blue and green on the walls for an oceanic vibe. Craft tissue paper flowers to adorn tables for a spring-tastic jubilee. Go retro with old-fashioned party games.


Good eats

Sure, your dance might’ve had some munchies scattered around the dance floor, but chances are you haven’t had much of a meal since lunchtime. Pass on piles of potato chips and sugary sweets and instead offer your guests some tasty appetizers that’ll fill their tummies. Think fruit and veggies, tea sandwiches, quesadillas and kabobs. Yum!


Tip-top tunes

Have a couple of playlists ready so you’re prepared for the mood your guests are in when ya get through the front door. Wanna keep on dancin’? Pack one with boogie-ready rhythms. Feelin’ nostalgic? Opt for a playlist that pulls together your gang’s favorite songs from the past few years. Wanna unwind? Low-key indies tracks are the way to go.



The name of the game is to be ready for every possibility, whether it’s gabbing, grooving or peacing out to the tune of an epic Uno tournament or your fave teen flick. Have a stack of board games, card games and DVDs ready to go. Got a huge group? Consider setting up a bunch of options: A DDR dance-off in one corner, air hockey at the coffee table, never have I ever in the kitchen.


What’s your secret to acing an after party?

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016