How to bust a move like nobody's business

Nervous about showing your skills on the dance floor? Last year’s OMG moment at the spring fling left you scared to get back up again. Tripping over your dress was bad, but we think it’s time to show them what you’re working with! We have the best ways for you to stay confident and dancing to the beat all night long.

Pick a partner

Hitting the dance floor alone can be scary, but going with your gal pal or BGF makes it a lot easier! We know how energizing it can be to bust a move with your BFF, and you’ll forget about anyone else watching. Grab his or her hand and practice “Gangnam Style” together or compete over how low you can go. It’ll be so fun and you won’t even notice your crush cutting in. Besides, if you trip, you know your BFFs will help you laugh it off.

Join the crowd

Boogie your way into the group dance. We know there is always a crazy crowd in the middle of the floor, and they like to move! Try your wildest dance routines with these party animals. They don’t judge, they just want to see your best moves! Feel free to start a conga line or a break dancing circle. The focus will be on the entire group rather than just you.

Dare to dance

Have you ever heard of Ellen’s Dance Dare? We heart this risky game. The goal is to dance behind as many people as possible without them noticing. Gather your friends and dare them to join in on the fun. If the person you’re dancing behind notices you, move on to the next one! You can reveal your funniest moves, and you and your friends will be LOLing all night. It’s fun to record on your phones, but don’t get caught!

Get silly

Moving to the groove can be challenging, so why bother? We think you should dance to the beat of your own drum with the silliest moves. Rock the sprinkler or pump your fists—It’s a funny way to show that you don’t care about embarrassing yourself! Others will see how much fun you’re having and want to join in. Dancing should be fun, not stressful. Once you show how confident you are, your crush will be sure to notice.

Go slow with your beau

We know it’s scary to get down with your crush, but slow dancing is the way to go. When Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” starts playing, grab your crush and hit the dance floor. He’ll love how bold you are and you won’t have to worry about running out of moves. Slow dancing is so simple—all you have to do is move from side to side. If you step on his feet, just laugh it off! A little quirkiness goes a long way.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016