Throw the Lisa Frank party of your 90s dreams


You might recognize the neon, animal-adorned styles of Lisa Frank from school supplies of decades past. The bright prints are making a comeback with the recent release of a Lisa Frank clothing line (available now on RageOn!), which features tees and leggings sure to add a unique twist to any ensemble. But if backpacks, pencil cases and sweatshirts aren't enough, now you can take your love of big-eyed tigers and unicorns one step forward with a Lisa Frank-themed party! Call up your squad, pop in a Spice Girls cd and host a #ThrowbackThursday bash you'll never forget.


First, bake some Lisa-approved zebra cakes. Or, as Studio DIY has renamed them, "tiger cakes." Give yourself plenty of time to make them, as the prep and cook time adds up to about an hour and a half. If you don't have the time or patience for this recipe, you can always buy a few boxes of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes--but those won't be nearly as colorful! Whatever you do, be sure to serve them with Lisa Frank-themed plates and napkins.


Make a rainbow pizza. Since this won't take as long as the tiger cakes, wait until your guests arrive and design your pizza together! What other recipe do you know involves swirling purple food coloring into melted cheese? The end product looks kind of like a bath bomb but tastes much, much better.

Pin the horn on the unicorn! If you're the crafty type, trace Lisa's trademark unicorn (sans horn) onto a big piece of poster board, color in and cut it out. Make a horn for each blindfolded guest to try and stick onto the unicorn's head--just use tape and leave them on the poster until everyone's done. Whoever's closest wins a sheet of Lisa Frank stickers!


Freeze a few gummy bear posicles. There are tons of recipes for rainbow baked goods (see links for truffles and cookies), but when it's still super hot out, you may not want to keep heating up your oven (and, therefore, heating up your kitchen). Gummy bear popsicles are the perfect summer treat--PopSugar provides a recipe that gives you the option of using either cream soda or ginger ale syrup, and besides the ingredients, you just need a few fun popsicle molds. Make the day before your party so you can freeze 'em overnight.

Now blow up some neon pink balloons and tell your guests to dress in their most brightly-colored outfits--the only rule for this party is that there must be color everywhere!

Have you ever hosted a #throwback party? What 90s jams would you recommend for a Lisa Frank soiree?  


by Kristin Helf | 7/28/2016