Your *ultimate* party planning checklist

It can be difficult planning a party—there's a lot to do and some of it can easily be forgotten. Luckily for you, we've created a party planning checklist you can use for *any* bash. With this, you can focus your time on making it the best party your friends have ever been to! 

#1: Guest list
You should start with getting a guest list together. You won't know how much of everything you need until you know how many people will be there. Don't be too generous with your guest list—you only want good vibes at your soiree so pick girls (and guys, if you want) who get along well and skip anyone who might cause drama.

#2: Theme 
Next you have to figure out what *totally* awesome theme you're going to have because everything else will be decided based on that. Check out some of our faves here. from a backyard luau to an upgraded pizza party. And if you don't want a theme, that's okay, too. Sometimes it's fun just to get everyone together with as little stress and prep as possible.

#3: Location 
Now that you have a theme, you can pick the perfect place to have your bash. Remember that the location should match the theme as much as you can so if you're having a sizzling summer party, then you want a beach or pool whereas an indoor glamping party just requires your living room. 

#4: Food 
Arguably one of the most important parts of the party is the food. Everyone has to eat and everyone loves good food. Browse Pinterest to find delish recipes that match your theme and ask your parents (or friends!) to help you cook it all up. Make sure to have a solid variety so that there is something for every guest to enjoy (that means vegetarian options or nut-free ones if necessary).

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#5: Invites 
There are so many cute invitation options for any theme you can think of. Whether you make your own or order them, sending out handwritten or paper invites is an extra personal touch that we love. But you can also just create a Facebook event and invite your guests that way. Whichever you prefer!

#6: Decorations
The key to any good party is decorations...and it doesn't have to be expensive to create an Insta-worthy bash. You can easily DIY all of your decos (check out some of our picks here) and then gather up your girls to help you set everything up before your guests arrive.

#7: Games
What is everyone going to be doing the whole time? You don't need to (and shouldn't) plan out every single second of the event but having some fun games and activities planned will help avoid any awkward lulls and keep the party going. Don't forget to have a killer playlist on in the background, too, to keep your guests in the partying mood.

#8: Desserts 
Ending your soiree with some sweet treats is a must. Again, try to offer a couple of different dessert choices (like s'mores cheesecake, loaded cookie bars or, yes, even edible cookie dough) so everyone gets to dig in. An even better idea? Set up a DIY snack station (like a build-your-own-sundae bar) so that your guests can customize their own delicious bite.

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#9: Favors 
Sending your guests home with party favors is a thoughtful gesture that will tie the whole bash together and end on a high note. Make them as simple or as complicated as you'd like and, if in doubt, candy is *always* a good idea.

What are your fave party idea? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


by Natalie Bland | 2/27/2019