Throw a Super B-Day Sleepover for your BFF

Wanna give your BFF a sleepover b-day bash she’ll never forget? Get our top tips to throw like a pro. 


It’s been said that the invite sets the tone for the entire event. Definition: It’s gotta be good. Not to worry. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or time-consuming. After all, we know you love your BFF, but you do have your own life. Passing on the 4-1-1 that a celebration is on the to-do list is best done without all the paperwork. You do-it-yourselfers can personalize your invite, track RSVPs and even poll your pals at Favorite feature?...It’s free! And, no cash spent on stamps PLUS saving trees and going green.


Okay, who’s on it and who’s not? Keep in mind that the goal isn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings. But this is also not the time for your BFF to reunite with her kindergarten posse. Remember, keep it manageable. When finalizing the list, consider who your BFF most wants included, how everyone gets along and who will have the most fun with whatever you have planned. And remember to tell the girlies who you want at a sleepover, since the entire party sleeping over could get a little outta hand.


You never want your buds to be bored. And, they won’t be. ‘Cause we have lots of killer ideas for setting the scene. Think up a theme based on your BFF’s singular style and branch out from there. If she’s the artsy kind, why not dip your brush and throw a paint-your-own. Is she more of a girly-girl? Spa it up, baby! Manis and pedis all around! From scavenger hunting to apple picking to vintage shopping, once you channel your inner ingenuity, the ideas are infinite!


Buh-bye birthday cake! Time to downsize. Cupcakes are not just a yummy way to satisfy several stomachs. These confections can be decorated for party personalization. So call up the girls for a pre-party cupcake cook-off. In need of other culinary concoctions? Bag the chips and pretzels in lieu of more grown-up groceries. Hosting high tea? Serve scones and tea sandwiches. More in a French state of mind? Savor some store bought crepes and fill with chocolate sauce and berries. Decide on a kind of cuisine and build from there. You don’t have to go overboard. Classy doesn’t mean complicated. And, one more thing, always play sous-chef to your ‘rents’ supervision.  


Before saying see-ya the next morning, spoil these socialites with something special. Party favors are not only a way to thank your crew for coming, they are also an opportunity to continue the theme. Had your palms read? Keep everyone guessing with a bag of fortune cookies. Played executive chef at a make-your-own pizza party? Treat your students to a jar of your mom’s famous tomato sauce. Keep in mind that some of the best  favor ideas aren’t expensive, just imaginative. 

Okay, we know you’re exhausted. And you have every right to be. It’s just fine by us if the promise you’ve portrayed as a party planner ends here and now. What we do know is you’ve given your BFF a gift she will always cherish. And smile, because your birthday isn’t all that far away.


1. Ask each attendee to go dutch. With a pay to play policy, there’s no worry in you going broke from the bill.   
2. Get guests to go splitsville when it comes to covering costs for the birthday girl.

3. Bag the gifts. Instead, request your buds bring along a note with their wishes for the guest of honor in the coming year. Later, scrapbook the sentiments. Not only will your BFF appreciate the thoughtfulness, she’ll also have a great way to remember the day.

- Laura Berg
by GL | 2/1/2016