4 easy DIY projects you can make in 5 minutes


Hey GL girls! Looking for a way to revamp your walls while repurposing your old make up? Here’s the perfect DIY for you to make your room more fabulous than it’s ever been with a little help from your long lost beauty products. 

1. Pucker Up

Got some old lip colors you don’t wear anymore? Well before you toss them, use them!

What you’ll need:


Stock paper



Give that piece of paper a big ole’ kiss and keep going for as many as you like. Throw on a different lip color to mix and match and to add some dimension. Then insert the paper into the frame and hang it up! 


2. Give Me a Wink

Forgotten false lashes can go a long way with décor, so gather tham up and get to gluing.

What you’ll need:

Fake eyelashes

Clear glue

Stock paper 




Apply a dot of glue to each end of the tip of the eyelashes. Press the eyelashes onto the paper, keeping only the two side edges down so the middle sticks up. You can then apply multiple lashes or stick with one. It’s up to you! Taking your Sharpie, write a small message that goes with your makeup theme to tie it all together and voilà, a picture perfect piece that's ready to be framed.

P.S. If you're feeling adventurous, combine the two projects above to create a face like this you can frame for your vanity!


3. Marble at Me

Is your bathroom looking more like a nail salon these days? Don't let those pretty polishes go to waste! Give those colors a whole new purpose when you marble them together for a fantastically chaotic canvas. 

What you'll need:

Nail polish


Plastic container




First, fill your container with water. Once this is done, start pouring in the different nail polish colors you want. Use your skewer to swish and swirl the polish around to create the marble effect that will go on your canvas. Then place your canvas face down into the marbled water. After a few seconds, slowly lift it back up and lay it down flat to dry.

Does this one seem a little tricky? No worries, babe, because here's a great YouTube tutorial to show you how it's done.

Tip: To take your wall art one step further, make four different canvases and hang them together as a square for some seriously chic décor .  

Which makeup DIY are you most excited to try? 

Photo Credit: We Heart It, This Fashion Is Mine, Etsy

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by Sarah Fritz | 1/3/2019