Get inspired by MissRemiAshten's *amaze* room tour


With two awesome channelsher main one full of great DIY videos and the other, RemLife, featuring funny vlogsMissRemiAshten is a YouTuber we love to get inspiration from. Recently, she uploaded an updated room tour of her L.A. loft and it looks *so* bomb. Here are a few ways to steal her style and make your room look amazing, too.


If you don’t know who MissRemiAshten is, she’s a 20-something living in downtown Los Angeles who's constantly going on adventures with her friends and family and is always updating her super gorg apartment. When it comes to where she lives, she’s the kind of girl that loves bright colors like pink and baby blue mixed with whites and grays and adds her own personality with pineapples, inspirational quotes and plenty of pics of her friends and her dog Daisy.

In her new room tour, Remi explains that she picks pieces that go along with the rest of her loft and matches accessories (in blue, pink, white or silver) to her throw pillows and overall scheme to tie everything together. Because her room is painted white, she is able to customize however she wants. Then by adding things that she loves, it adds a cozy and pretty vibe.


What Remi does to her room can be recreated in any way...all you have to do is figure out the things you like the most, like your favorite color, maybe some pictures of you having a fun time with your friends and family and little things that inspire you. Do you like butterflies or flowers, or are you the type of person that likes animals? Let your favorite things speak to you and you’ll create the perfect bedroom space that’s cohesive and expresses yourself the most.

What do you think of Remi's bedroom? Is it bedroom goals? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Nicole Eggleston | 6/12/2017