Turn your room into a haunted (but cute) house with this inspo

Let's face it: Halloween decorations can get pretty spooky and creepy. So when it comes to decorating your room for Halloween, it's hard to keep the spirit of the holiday and make your room as cute and cozy as you like it.

Luckily, we've rounded up some inspo so you can turn your room into a cute, cuddly haunted house! The trick is to focus on black and white, sparkles and twinkle lights and to accent with pops of the signature bright Halloween orange. That way, you keep things relaxing and comfortable, but also have all the Halloween spirit that one girl could possibly need. 

Mummy gauze wall decoration 
To start creating your creepy-cute haunted house room, try using some Halloween fabric or mummy gauze as shown in the picture. You can find these fabrics in black and white (or even orange). Pro tip: You can drape the Halloween fabric over some fairy lights for an extra glow that will shine from the gauze. This keeps things spooky while also giving you some warm and comforting lighting in your room.

Spooky throw pillows 
Black and white throw pillows will make your room sleek and chic, and cute slogan pillows or fun spooky patterns will add a kick of the Halloween holiday spirit. Check out this Queen of Halloween pillow, or a creepy spiderweb pillow or even DIY your own spooky pillow.  

Add a pop of color to your bed with this pumpkin plushie that is perfect for the season. Between the fluffy throw pillows and this guy, your bed will the perfect, cozy Halloween getaway.  

Boo-tiful blanket
Your bed won't be complete until you throw in a fun Halloween snuggie. Try this chic skull blanket that sticks with the black and white theme, but is also made of cozy fleece so you can curl up and be warm on cool auntumn nights.  

Creepy candles
Candles are very Halloween from jack-o-lanterns to a witch's favorite accessory. Add some cute sparkles into your room with these fun, glittery spider web candles that will keep things matching with the black and white style.

Add a pop of color and light with pumpkin Halloween votives. If you want to avoid a real flame, you can even pop a LED or battery operated "candle" into these glam glass pumpkins, and nobody would ever know the diff.

Fun and festive wall decor
This pumpkin wall art is so welcoming and will add another sweet pop of color into your cozy haunted house. Nothing says autumn like pumpkins, right?

You can also add some festivity with fun wall banners, like this black and white "Spooky" banner. These details will make all the difference in getting your room Halloween-ready. The banner could go over your door to welcome people into your haunted house, or even over your bed or desk...the possibilities are endless. 

What do you think? Will you decorate your room for Halloween? What are your favorite Halloween decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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by Linda Horn | 10/17/2017
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