Mission possible! 5 fitness goals to conquer this summer

Whether you’re super sporty or absolutely un-athletic, those faraway fitness dreams may be closer than ya think. And when you grab those goals, you’ll feel healthier and proud of yourself for being an awesome achiever. Just remember to never give up, even if you get off-track. Relax, do your best, and read on to make your goals gettable:

Picking up a new sport

It may seem like everyone’s already found their fave thing, but it’s never too late to pick up a passion! Start slow and easy with a few beginners’ classes in some sports you’ve always wanted to try. Be open to new things and don’t expect perfection. And there’s no need to be a pro! Follow what you find fun.

Eliminating a junk food

Dying to cut out candy or ditch diet sodas? Start with one treat that’s bringing you down and make a plan to cut it out. The first step is easier than you think: stop buying it! Ask the ‘rents to cross it off the list next time they hit up the grocery store. Pick out a yummy alternative, like trail mix instead of chips or low-cal lemonade instead of sugary juices. Before ya know it, you won’t even miss the old snack.

Starting a routine workout

Whether you’re lacking motivation or think sweat seshes just aren’t for you, getting in a workout groove can be tricky. The best way to make it happen is to commit yourself in any way possible: Tell your mom, write it down, pick a permanent time. Grab a gym bud and vow to get each other pumped for your plans.

Getting defined abs

Don’t just dream of a perfectly toned tummy, make it happen! Set aside two parts of your day, like right after wake-up and right before bedtime. For just 10 minutes each time, give it your all. There are tons of super helpful apps out there with 5-10 minute ab-workout tutorials to help you get going, like Daily Ab Workout. For an extra boost, take advantage of chill time. Next time you’re watching TV or just lounging, opt for some leg lifts and crunches, and multitask your way to a better bod.

Running a marathon

What makes marathons so menacing? They take a lot of time to train, so getting distracted and discouraged is easy. But if you stick with it and refuse to give up, the reward will be way worth it. There’s tons more to marathons than just the race itself. Reaching this goal represents all that dedication, will-power and strength that helped ya get there. So before you pass up what seems impossible, have faith in your fitness and consider the challenge.


by Julie Harans | 2/1/2016