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6 remedies for even your worst razor bumps


Your skin can be the most unpredictable part of your body. From random breakouts one day to glowing skin the next, it's important to always be prepared for whatever life throws at you. One of the most pesky outbreaks your skin can have is razor bumps, which are typically a result of shaving and can pop up on your legs or armpits for a number of reasons. Here are a couple of tips to prevent and treat even the most severe spots.

1. Apply baby powder.
Baby powder is most typically used for clearing up skin rashes and irritation. If you sprinkle some on your legs before shaving, it can help soften your hair and absorb extra moisture left behind by your towel. It can also help ingrown hairs—use it about 10 minutes before shaving. 

2. Replace your razor frequently.
Throw away all old or rusty razors and only use sharp blades. Old razors tend to carry around extra bacteria that can easily get stuck underneath your skin and irritate your hair follicles.

3. Use warm water.  
Prior to shaving, soak your skin in warm water (make sure it's not boiling, though, which can burn your skin). The warm water will help relax your hair follicles before you begin shaving. 

4. Don't pick!
Once a bump appears, try your best not to irritate it further by picking or scratching at it. This may only inflame the razor bump and can lead to an infection.  

Tip: Shaving your legs everyday can irritate existing bumps, so give your skin a break for a day.  

5. Use a moisturizing lotion.
When you hop out of the shower, make sure the areas you have shaved are completely dry. Then apply a soothing lotion to hydrate your skin and reduce any redness caused by shaving.  

6. Rinse with cold water.
One of the easiest ways to stop razor bumps from appearing is to use cold water after shaving. It closes up the pores so that bacteria has a less likely chance of affecting your shaved skin. 

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by Leah V. | 5/15/2018