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What you need to banish maskne

Yep, maskne (or the acne you get from wearing a mask) is a thing. It happens when your sweat, natural oils from your skin and bacteria all get trapped under your mask, explains Houston dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Mullans. This plus the irritation from your mask rubbing on your skin throughout the day makes it possible for pimples, redness and dryness to take over. 


Wearing a mask is a must, so treating and preventing your maskne is all about the skincare you apply underneath. “It’s best to wash your face twice a day, before and after wearing your mask,” says Dr. Mullans.

*Avoid* heavy moisturizers and makeup in the areas that are covered by the mask and opt instead for noncomedogenic (aka non-clogging) products, like CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen...

 CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion with Sunscreen, $19,


...and spot treat pimples with a salicylic acid treatment like Tarte Sugar Rush No Bullzit Acne Spot Treatment ($16,

SunscreenTarte Sugar Rush No Bullzit Acne Spot Treatment, $16,

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by Holly Fisher; edited for digital by Samantha Dorisca | 10/9/2020