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Plan a future that is literally out of this world

Think space is just for billionaires? Think again. There is a whole galaxy of possibilities beyond our world—and you can explore them right here, right now. 

Yep, that's right: October 4 through 10, 2021 is World Space Week and we're joining Unistellar to take you on the ride of your life.

Along with the SETI Institute and The Planetary Society, Unistellar's launching a super inspiring initiative to get one million girls to discover space (check it out here!) complete with can't-miss virtual courses, fantastic freebies and even an amaze Asteroid Art Contest

And the only thing more limitless than the cosmos? Your future career in space. Whatever your vibe, there's a job where you can be the star you are. Read on for the path that fits your passion, plus how to turn your go-getter mindset to action this World Space Week.

If you heart making dreams come should be an astronaut.

If your younger self ever imagined traveling to the moon, hold onto that vision and make it happen! Don't believe it's possible? Look to Alyssa Carson for inspo who, at just 20 years old, is making her childhood ambitions a reality.

"Going to space camp was kind of my version of Disney World," Alyssa says of her early experiences, which included meeting strong female mentors, researching the cosmos and studying astrobiology in school (read the full interview here!).

One small step: Make it your mission to inspire girls everywhere when you share *your* daring career discoveries on social media. Use #GirlsDiscoverSpace and #WSW2021 to spread your spectacular message.

If you heart jotting down all your deepest should be a space journalist.

Heart space, but not so into STEM at school? Don't discount your chance to make an impact with your writing and editing talents. Insightful and observant, space journalists make the science of the sky easier to understand for everyone grounded on Earth. Plus, it's a chance to ask your STEM heroes *all* your burning questions. 

One small step: Sharpen your investigative skills when you join Unistellar's virtual events to learn from female space scientists like Astro Athens, AstroPartiGirl, Tanya of Mars and Aussi Astronomer. Click HERE for the deets!

If you heart creating in the should be a food psychologist.

If you are the kind of person who can whip up a delish dish on the fly (some people just see breakfast food in the fridge but you can whip that up into spaghetti carbonara in 20 mins!), you might just be made for a career in food psychology.

Space travel for all wouldn't be possible without proper nutrition—and that's where food psychologists come in. From chemistry and composition to taste-testing, you can put your culinary acumen and analytical attitude to use in this cool career. 

One small step: Snag Unistellar's free(!) handbook 60 Ideas to Discover Space, where you'll find tons of suggestions to launch *your* mission to learn. Click HERE for the free downloadable eBook!

If you heart stargazing before should be an astronomer.

You're a night owl who loves a late, deep-thoughts convo (paired with spotting dreamy designs in the sky, of course). Astronomy is your opportunity to bring your enthusiasm to the books and truly study the stars, sun, planets and so much more. Because when you look into your trusted telescope, your world is truly limitless... 

One small step: Start seeing the stars up close and personal right when you take Unistellar's fall tour of the universe—right from the comfort of your coziest couch. Hop on the (virtual) rocket rn here!

If you heart doodling for should be an artist.

Artists do the dazzling work of capturing the cosmos for eternity—and what's more authentic and amazing than that? You'll find your spot to shine when you start sketching stars and crafting constellations in whatever medium matches your mood. What are you waiting for? Gift your BFF her birth chart or redo your room in a galactic glow. 

One small step: OK, it's time to put your artsy aesthetic to work ASAP. Enter Unistellar's Asteroid Art Contest for a chance to win a groundbreaking telescope (OMG) and take your space studies to a whole new level. Get started with the contest here!

Shoot for the stars when you get involved in World Space Week 2021 right HERE!


by GL | 10/4/2021