8 easy ways to decorate your notebooks this school year

Note taking is not exactly the most thrilling task—but there *are* a few ways you can make it the least bit fun: notebook DIYs! We have found the *cutest* ways to decorate the covers of your new notebooks that only require a few easy steps that you can follow right from home! 

1. The "Let's Get Lost" cover


If you're into traveling the world and getting lost in your thoughts, this notebook cover is definitely the DIY for you! Check out the simple tutorial here.

2. The "Artistic Vibes" cover


Do you always find yourself doodling all over your geometry notes? If so, this cover is a *must* for you to show off your creative edge throughout your bulky stack of books.  Click here to get your paint on! 

3. The "Denim Days Are Over" cover  


With the hot summer days pretty much over, you need to figure out what to do with all of your old, ripped up denim shorts! This jorts tutorial will blow your mind: check it out!

4. The "Fantasy Land" cover  

Calling all unicorn lovers! We have found the *perfect* notebook covers. DIY YouTuber, makoccino, has three totally magical notebook covers that'll add some sparkle to your school year for sure.

5. The "Under The Sea" cover  

This liquid DIY notebook cover will be the talk of the town at school.  Who else can say that they have a floating rubber duck *inside* of their notebook?!

6. The "Ooey Gooey" cover

It's time to get messy with this notebook cover! You won't be able to stop squishing this during class. 

 7. The "Out Of This World" cover

If you want your school supplies to be *out-of-this-world* awesome this school year, then you've got to check out this DIY galaxy notebook tutorial

8. The "Peace Love & Tie Dye" cover

 This cover is super cute if you are crazy for color. Tie dying your notebook is so easy thanks to DIY YouTuber Sea Lemon.  Check out the tutorial here!

Did you try recreating these adorable notebook covers?  Let us know how they turned out in the comments section below!  

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by Kara Brown | 9/7/2017