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Love yourself: Why you shouldn't compare yourself to your Insta feed

We all have those moments where we scroll through Instagram and wonder *how* all the people we see look so perfect. That moment is usually followed by the thought, "Why don’t I look like that?" The issue is, with most of our lives revolving around media, it's difficult not to compare ourselves to the images we see. But, it’s time to stop judging ourselves based on the high fashion models and the celebrities we see all over the internet. Here’s why.

These days, almost everything is retouched.
Yup, that’s right. Over 68 percent of people admit to retouching their photos before posting, meaning the majority you see on social media have been edited in some way—and those are *just* personal photos. That doesn't even take into account the ads that feature models that have been reshaped and retouched. It's just silly to compare your own body to a body made in Photoshop

It's a model's job to look a certain way.
Airbrushed skin aside, brands seek models with “ideal” body types in order to sell a product. So remember that while your job is spending time at school and being a good student, a model's job is to make sure they're logging hours at the gym and eating right for their next photoshoot or fashion show. It may not be like any ordinary job, but, hey.

No one ever feels “perfect."
No matter how much we try, we will never feel perfect (yes, even those models who *do* take five spin classes a week). This is because there is no such thing! Only 5 percent of girls possess the body type often portrayed in the media, and 91 percent of women say they are unhappy with their bodies. While it's unsettling that this is such a rampant issue, odds are that the girl that you look up to probably looks up to someone too. Instead of striving to be what you think is perfect, be yourself. There is nothing better than that. 

You are more than your body.
At the end of the day, shake off the messages the media sends you about your body. Who cares? You are more than your toned arms, your soft stomach and your scars combined. You are *beautiful*.

What's one thing that you *love* about your body? We want to know! Share in the comments below.


by Emily Mullin | 5/27/2018