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What now? Cruise around girlslife.com and check out all of our amazing posts, quizzes and contests. Got somethin’ to say? Leave a comment and chat it up with the other girls.


How do I comment? It looks like I have to register for a new account…

To comment, you first need to log in to girlslife.com (using the pink GL button and your girlslife.com username and password) or Disqus. To log into Disqus, you can register for a new Disqus account or sign in through a social media account you already have, like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


So, does that mean I need two accounts to use girlslife.com?

Nope. If you're already a girlslife.com registered user, all you need to do is be logged in through that account. And if you're not, well, what are you waiting for?Click here to register!


What’s Disqus? Is it safe?

Totally. Disqus is a commenting platform that tons of websites are using these days to help monitor comments. If you decide to register for a commenting account through them, they will not sell or use your information. All a Disqus account does it make it easier for you to leave comments on sites that use Disqus—just like GL.


What about the mods? Can I still post a mod question?

Our mods now have their very own club! They'll be checking in Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer all of your questions. CLICK HERE to take a peek. Please post your Qs for them there rather than on individual posts. 


My comments aren't posting right away. What's going on?

Sometimes, Disqus flags certain things in comments. As long as you follow the rules (no personal info, no links to outside sites, no curse words or hate speech), your comment should go through immediately. But if it doesn't, we'll be checking in and approving the ones that get flagged for no reason--just give us a li'l time. GL does reserve the right to edit and/or delete unsuitable comments.  
What's a daily giveaway and how do I enter?
GirlsLife.com posts a new, totally free giveaway each day, and every girl who is registered on the site has a chance to win. You can enter as many times as you want each day, but you can only win one prize every month. All ya have to do is find the WIN TODAY box located on the right side of almost every girlslife.com page and click on the prize you wanna win. Still confuzzled? Click here for more giveaway FAQ.

Why is the clock wrong?
GL is on the East Coast so everything we do is published in Eastern Standard Time, even if you happen to be in another time zone. 

Got suggestions? We'd love to hear your ideas for girlslife.com (and GL!). Feel free to post 'em in the comments field or e-mail us at letters@girlslife.com. After all, you’re the reason we do the website and the mag, babe!

Report abuse! If you suspect someone is abusing girlslife.com in any way, please alert us by emailing jossie@girlslife.com
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