Cute Christmas tree crafts

There’s something about the holidays that makes us wanna grab Grandma’s sewing machine, fire up the hot glue gun and cover everything in sight with glitter. Whether you’re decking the halls or DIYing a bit of seasonal joy for someone on your gift list, we’ve got some crafty prezzies sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Happy holidays!


Sugar cookie Christmas tree

All you need to create a so-sweet gift for hostesses, teachers and buds (or a tasty table topper) is some sugar cookie dough and star-shaped cookie cutters in various sizes. Follow the basic cookie recipe here or pick up some pre-made frozen dough and get to work. Cut out and bake your cookies, and allow to cool completely. Then, starting with the largest cookie, stack them on top of each other as per the picture above. Use frosting to stick them together, and prom the smallest start up vertically as the cookie tree’s topper. Cover with fancy sugar sprinkles, dust in powdered sugar or frost to your heart’s delight. Yum!


Sparkling glitter snowflakes

Grab a pair of sharp scissors, a pile of cardstock or thin cardboard, a glue stick and bowl filled with glitter. Cut stars out of the cardstock, cover both sides in glue and then dip in the glitter. You can make miniature stars to hang on a teeny Christmas tree or decorate holiday packages, large stars to hang from your bedroom ceiling or punch holes in them and string on ribbon or twine for a glittery garland.


Bejeweled ball ornament

The twinkling lights on Christmas trees beg for a little rhinestone sparkle, right? Customize an inexpensive plastic ornament from a craft store for your fam or friends in just a few minutes. Get the full DIY here.


Festive frames

Hit up the dollar store and pick up the teeniest frames you can find. If you’re not digging the color, grab a can of metallic spray paint to help ‘em go from cheesy to chic. Print out photos of you and your family, pets and best buds, and place them in the frames. Then use hot glue to attach a loop of pretty ribbon to the top of each frame to make them into ornaments. Hang a tree full for an elegant but personal look, or gift them.


Mini tree-trimming kit

Looking for a unique gift for the hostess with the mostess (or a young sib or cousin)? Head to a nearby nursery or garden store and grab a teeny tree. Place it in a gift bag along with a handmade tree topper, ornaments, a string of mini twinkle lights and a popcorn and cranberry garland.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016