A hint of tint: 4 ways sheer color is killing it right now


Sure, saturated shades can pack a punch—but more subtle washes of color are creeping into summer’s chicest trends right now. We're all aboout the *sheer madness* in everything from flirty, flowy tops to pretty polishes to makeup must-haves. Ahead, our favorite ways to rock a hint of tint… 

Top, $24, Forever21. Cardigan, $12, Romwe. Top (main image), $20, Forever21.

Barely-there fabrics
A see-through stunner adds delicate detailing to your shorts-and-tank combo—perfect for sweltering summer temps. Grab a camisole or bandeau to keep you covered in all the right places, then let yourself shine through in these dreamy, delicate toppers.

Polishes: $20, Nars. $9, Essie. $20, Jinsoon. Top coat, $15, Sephora.

Micro-shimmer manis
Summer's stand-out tips dazzle in sheer shades stacked with the faintest glimmer of glitter. These hues might look bold in the bottle, but the after effect is sweet and subtle. P.S.: If you’re *so* over your nails chipping after a brand new mani, seal the shine with a tough top coat.

Duck Tape Transparent Tints, $3-6 each, Duck Brand.

Tinted tapes
You'll never truly understand how brilliant Duck Tape can be until you stash a few rolls around—and, if you're like us, start using the stylish sticky tape for pretty much everything. Crafts become cuter, rooms become more organized (they're amazing for labels), fashion emergencies get solved...and the list goes on. The new Transparent Tints line comes in lime green, cool aqua and pretty pink—and washes (literally) whatever you want in a subtle, sheer shade. 

Lip gloss, $23, Stila. Sunscreen, $11, Neutrogena. Powder, $12, Neutrogena.

Sheer makeup must-haves
Summer is the key season to embrace natural beauty vibes. And the great thing about making "less is more" your motto? It's gorgeous, sure—but also insanely easy and low-maintenance. Start the day with a coat of sheer sunscreen (no chalky faces, please!), then dust on a bit of power that mattifies (but still lets your skin shine through). A quick swipe of gloss finishes the look—and you're ready for whatever the sweet summer day brings your way. 

What do you think of the tinted trend—and which of these ideas will you be rocking this summer? 

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by Rachel Dooley | 5/27/2016