3 easy ways to elevate your hairstyles this weekend

Weekend plans are approaching and we are *bored* of our everyday hairstyles. Don't get us wrong, we love classic beach waves and sleek ponytails, but some days we just need an extra flair to bring our look together. Whether you're running late to your brunch plans or just feeling too lazy to plug in your straightener, these three hair accessories are sure to elevate your hairstyles instantly. 

1. Chic claw clips 

It's no secret that claw clips are majorly trending at the moment. We all know and love the classic designs, but at this point everyone on Insta is rocking the same ones. This French Twist Clip from The Hair Edit, $9.99, is the perfect way to stand out while still staying on trend. The gold loop style is chic yet effortless, making it look like you didn't just snooze your alarm for the fourth time before rushing to get ready. For an extra special detail, you can even match your jewelry to the metallic clip. Channel your inner Hailey Bieber by pairing this look with some chunky gold hoops. *Chef's kiss.*

2. Satin scrunchies

Whether it's on your wrist or in your messy bun, replacing your hairband with a fun scrunchie is the easiest way to accessorize. You can even step up your simple scrunchies by experimenting with unique patterns and materials. These Ruched Satin Scrunchies from The Hair Edit, $8.49, come in a set of four so you can match one to every outfit. Incorporate your scrunchies into simple ponytails or really spice it up by using a few to create a textured bubble braid look.

If you're looking to take your hair to the next level, you can even incorporate this clip-in ponytail piece from Hairdo for unmatched length and volume. It's giving *Ariana Grande*. 

3. Statement barrettes 

Barrettes are officially back—and we can't get enough of them! Maybe you're having a good hair day but looking to incorporate a little something more, barrettes are a quick fix. Add a colorful barrette to make a statement and keep those pesky flyaways out of your face. It's a win-win! Don't be afraid to use more than one to frame your face, or even stack on the same side for an extra fun look. This Snap Hair Clip Set from The Hair Edit, $8.49 has a sophisticated matte finish and comes in the cutest blush and cream shades. 

With these accessories, there are no more excuses for boring hair! Which style are you wearing this weekend? 

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Slider Image: @thehairedit

Header Image: @thehairedit


by Kyra Surgent | 2/24/2022