Wear to work: What to wear while babysitting

Everybody loves having a little extra cash to spend in the summer, and what job is more fun than babysitting? You get to hang out and play all day with kids and it makes a ton of dough. Need some advice on what’s appropriate to wear? Have no fear! We’ve got all the parent approved outfits you’ll need to make a good impression.  
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    The day sitter

    If you’re watching kids during the day, you need to be ready for anything. It’s always a good idea to wear shorts that aren’t denim, just in case you end up somewhere that doesn’t allow jeans. Wear a patterned blouse so the kids you are babysitting can spot you or describe you to someone if you get separated. Last but not least, make sure your kicks are comfy—you don’t want your feet to get sore running around after the kids!

    Linen-Blended Shorts w/ Belt, $18,

    Floral Babydoll Tank, $27,

    Women’s Converse One Star Sneaker, $35,

    Hoboken Strand Necklace in Coral, $16,

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    A day at the pool

    When you’re babysitting, it’s important to stay modest and comfortable. Rock a tankini so you can splash with the kiddos in the pool without worrying about fixing your itty-bitty bathing suit. Flip-flops and a flowy tunic are cute and easy to find, so you won’t be searching for a million pieces when the kids are ready to go.

    Ruched Tankini, $30,

    Converse One Star Parker Swim Coverup, $23, 

    Must Have Flip Flops, $7,

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    Late night ‘sittin

    When you’re babysitting at night, the key is to be comfy and cute at the same time. A soft sweatshirt-tee and a pair of shorts and sneaks are great for curling up on the couch after you put the kids to bed. Remember your fave watch so you know when to feed everyone dinner and when to expect their parents home.

    Short Twill Shorts, $13,

    Yummy Flashdance Sweatshirt, $24,

    Sneakers, $15,

    Xhileration Silicone Strap Watch. $12,

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by Hannah Noyes | 2/1/2016