10 of Amelie Zilber’s most fire fits


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Amelie Zilber is one of TikTok's most popular political activitsts, but she is also known on the Internet for her absolutely killer fashion sense! As a college student, content creator and model, Amelie puts a lot of care into crafting trendy and flattering outfits to show off to her followers. Her Insta page is the *perf* inspo board for adorable pieces and she loves posting OOTD TikToks. Here are 10 of Amelie's most striking outfit choices: 


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1) Keeping it Casual 

Matching sets have been all the rage for the past year, and this pink shorts-and-crewneck combo is the perfect blend of stylish and comfortable. The sneakers and high socks really complete this cozy look.  


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2) Animal Print 

Amelie got ready for a night out on the town back in October 2020 with these *fabulous* zebra pants. She always knows how to rock a chunky boot and we are seriously living for the vibes in this photo. 


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3) Stunning in Springtime Fashion 

Embracing bring colors and floral prints, Amelie paired a structured pair of dress pants with a fun seasonal halter top. Her accessories game is always on point, but especially so with these bright pieces and that amazing pear handbag! 


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4) Fairytale Dream

Um, where can we get our hands on this dress? This photoshoot look is classy and dreamy, with a stunning floral embroidery all down the front. 


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5) Boho Chic 

This simple white romper is perfect for warm weather, and the bow in the front gives the outfit a touch of elegance without being too over-the-top for everyday wear. For all you girly-girls out there, this outfit is the perfect inspo for your next brunch with your besties or shopping trip with mom!


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6) Cozy and Cute 

The mixed fabrics work super well together with this outfit, from the brown leather pants to the chunky knit sweater. Dainty jewelry adds an unexpected touch of softness to the outfit, proving that you *can* have the best of both worlds when it comes to your style. 


bringing back outfit videos bc it’s winter in LA & that means CUTE COLD FITS

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7) Plaid Princess

Plaid skirts have definitely come back into fashion, and pairing them with this gorgeous cream sweater is a match made in heaven! We love how Amelie isn't afriad to experiment by putting unique pieces like these together to create amazing finished products. 


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8) Sporty 
Ok, can we just take a second to appreciate how *amazing* this color is?! The bright blue hue just screams summer, and this set is perfect for a workout or just a busy day of errands. 


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9) Beach Beauty 

For that simple, carefree look, throw a pair of denim shorts over your bikini and pose for some photos with your besties. You won't regret it!


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10) Color Coordinated 

We love how well her sweater and sneaker complement one another in this outfit! Throwing them over a simple black dress creates a unique and striking look. 

Which of these fits was your fave? Be sure to follow @girlslifemag for more celeb-inspired fashion content! 


by Lexi Casazza | 6/4/2021