Everything you need to know about TikToker and political activist Amelie Zilber

TikTokers are quickly becoming some of the most famous teens in the country, and there is one influencer in particular whose popularity has grown *super* fast over the past few months: she has amassed over 4.5 million TikTok followers, 1.5 million Insta followers and 339,000 Youtube subscribers. Amelie Zilber is a model, TikToker, political activist and college student who is totally dedicated to spreading positivity and awareness about current events through her online platforms. With brains and beauty, she genuinely wants to make the world a better place (which we absolutely *love* here at GL!) Here are some of the most fun facts about Amelie: 


class 1/3 for today. i wake up looking forward to arabic every morning & find genuine happiness in learning everything about this beautiful language

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She speaks multiple languages 

Amelie is French on her father's side of the family and grew up speaking both English and French fluently at home. Additionally, she is taking Arabic classes in school and trying to learn more about the language because she is so interested in it. We love how Amelie chases her passions and actively tries to learn about other cultures! 

She runs her own political news site 

Amelie founded "Two Minute Times" in 2017, designing a website and Instagram account that shares major current events around the globe in short blurbs so that millennials can stay aware of what is going on in the world around them. She also uses her TikTok influence to spread awareness about humanitarian crises and to encourage Americans over 18 years old to vote in the upcoming election. 


school got me tired&stressed & left w no phone storage but i found the ULTIMATE COLLEGE HACK: Amazon Prime Student ##CollegeGotMeLike @primestudent ##ad

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She is a freshman in college

Amelie is attending Georgetown University remotely this semester, living in LA and hanging out with her close friends while taking her coursework online. In the meantime, she is creating tons of relatable college content and showing how important it is to make school a priority! 


i miss this :’) @maxthompson

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She is a professional model but used to struggle with body image 

Amelie is signed with an agency called LA models and is undeniably gorgeous, but she has always been open about struggling with her health and body image. She has opened up about the weight loss journey she went through in her middle school years on her YouTube channel, emphasizing the importance of living a physically and emotionally balanced life. 


looks like @blakegray might’ve won this one... but avelie forever 🥰 @avani

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She is dating TikToker Blake Gray  

The two have been sharing *tons* of cute couples pics and TikTok vids over the past several months, frequently being spotted by paparazzi on date nights around LA. Sway House member Blake has even met Amelie's mom, which was documented and posted on Amelie's YouTube channel last month. 


take everyday as a blessing... and remind the people u love just how much they mean to u. i love all of u

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She has *amazing* style

Almost every day, Amelie posts her super trendy outfits of the day and is giving us major fashion inspo. From edgy to girls, she really can rock any lewk! 

She and Avani are besties 

These two have the most fun together and are always posting their hangout seshes. We love watching them support one another! Amelie is also good friends with a number of other TikTokers, such as Charli D'Amelio, Nick Austin and Anthony Reeves. 

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by Lexi Casazza | 10/15/2020