Your complete guide to modernized twee fashion

Twee style (think Jess from New Girl or Princess Diana) is a mix of unique, vintage clothing inspired by feminine fits popular in the 2010s. Twee stretches all across different forms of media—from quirky, lighthearted indie music to movies such as 500 Days of Summer. Twee embraces a "cool-but-not-cool" vibe...a style as one-of-a-kind as you can imagine. As 20-somethings reminisce about their twee lewks from high school all across social media, it seems twee is making a comeback for 2022 (and, tbh, we're here for it).

The basis of twee style is traditional girly clothing such as headbands, flats and polka dots. So basically, your stereotypical manic pixie dream girl. But these stereotypes left the 2010 twee aesthetic filled with sexist and fatphobic undertones (um, not cool!).

We're here to change that narrative and reclaim twee style. Bc girls are so much more than quaint and cutesy, and fashion trends can be pulled off by *any* body type. So how can you rock a modernized twee style? Read on for all the inspo.

Peter Pan collars 

Peter Pan collars are those chic, rounded collars famously worn by Sabrina Spellman—our fave teenage witch. Some twee Peter Pan collars can look a tad old-fashioned, but paired with other modern pieces like chunky knits and tunics, they can look incredibly fresh. Pull out a Peter Pan collar from underneath a comfy sweater or dress. You can also keep it classy with a cute jumper over a long-sleeved Peter Pan blouse. And if you want to rock one solo? We heart this classy blouse from Romwe.

Mary Janes 

A shiny pair of shoes is a simple and stylish way to implement some twee into your wardrobe. Instead of outdated ballet flats, opt for platform Mary Janes and frilly socks.

Patterned tights 

We aren't recommending that you wear neon yellow stockings, but patterned tights never hurt anybody! The delicate design and cutesy vibe adds just enough feminine flair to any outfit you throw together. Keep it classy with black (we love this $10 pair from Target), or experiment with white and navy.

Twee patterns 

Every 2010 twee fashion babe followed style tips from New Giri's Jessica Day, and she rocked all different types of playful patterns. From pleated skirts to flared dresses, Jess' clothes featured paint-splattered patterns, floral designs, polka dots and cute graphics. Finding unique patterns to incorporate into your outfits is a sure way to sneak some twee into your already fab fashion statements. 



Twee accessories will set your fits apart from the rest. Retro hairbands and sunglasses are a must. Experiment with different hats like berets and tams (especially in different patterns!). Get super expressive with your jewelry, too: Pendant necklaces, dangling earrings and charm bracelets are the way to go. 

Thrift, thrift, thrift!

Twee is all about being unique—and the best place to find one-of-a-kind items is your local thrift store. The best twee accessories are secondhand—so keep an eye out for quirky pieces of jewelry and hairpieces, as well as tennis skirts and handbags.

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by Cara Lamina | 1/20/2022