4 surprising tips to have a successful thrifting trip

Thrift shopping is sustainable, affordable and accessible—what isn't there to love? Our fave influencers make it look *so* easy to throw together a trendy thrifted outfit. In reality, though, thrifting takes time, effort and practice. If you're having no luck with finding good pieces at the thrift store, we've got your back. Here's our guide to having the thrift haul of your dreams!

Tip 1: Save inspo pics beforehand...but keep an open mind

Scroll through your Insta and Pinterest feed to get an idea of the ~aesthetic~ you're going for. Note a couple types of pieces that you want to keep an eye out for—e.g. a maxi skirt or a quarter zip sweatshirt—so that you can look through those sections more thoroughly. Our one caveat, however, is to treat this as inspiration, not as a shopping list. Don't expect to find the exact pair of Levi's jeans that Emma Chamberlain thrifted three years ago.


Tip 2: Check out the non-clothing sections 

Many thrift stores carry furniture, scarves, room decor, purses, belts, cameras and so much more—so why limit yourself to just the clothes? Take a break from searching for the perfect flannel and go browse an unexpected section. Who knows, you could find hidden gems like a painted mug to put your pens in or a vintage belt with a unique buckle!


Tip 3: Visit the fitting room frequently

Have you ever bought a turtleneck with high hopes, only to try it on at home and be disappointed by the way it fits? Avoid this disappointment by trying on *every* single piece of clothing before purchasing it. That oversized graphic tee might fit differently from how you envisioned it! Make sure that every piece fits the way you want it to; and if it doesn't, ask yourself if it would be reasonable for you to alter or tailor it.


Tip 4: Look at your existing wardrobe

One of the main appeals of thrifting, in my opinion, is its sustainability. Shopping secondhand reduces your consumption of clothes—and upgrading your style is a bonus! Avoid buying pieces that you won't end up wearing by comparing them with the closet you already have. Can you style it with several outfits? Does it fit the overall aesthetic of your wardrobe? And most importantly, do you *genuinely* like it and see yourself wearing it? It's probably not a great sign if you can't think of more than two outfits to style the piece with.


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by Jinny Kim | 9/27/2021