Taylor Swift opens up about her mom's scary cancer battle

Taylor Swift just reminded us that even people who seem perfect on the outside can be dealing with terrible pain on the inside. You see, Taylor spoke in-depth about her mom's health struggles, and the details are *so* upsetting.

"Everyone loves their mom; everyone's got an important mom," she told Variety. "But for me, she's really the guiding force. Almost every decision I make, I talk to her about it first. So obviously it was a really big deal to ever speak about her illness." 

While Taylor didn't specify the exact type, she confirmed previously that her mom is battling cancer, and she recently received even more bad news. “She was going through chemo, and that’s a hard enough thing for a person to go through,” Taylor said. “While she was going through treatment, they found a brain tumor...And the symptoms of what a person goes through when they have a brain tumor is nothing like what we’ve ever been through with her cancer before. So it’s just been a really hard time for us as a family.”

Taylor has understandably scaled back her commitments, which is why she won't be touring her Lover album with as many dates as fans are used to.

“I mean, we don’t know what is going to happen,” Taylor opened up. “We don’t know what treatment we’re going to choose. It just was the decision to make at the time, for right now, for what’s going on.”

As always, Taylor has found a healthy way to channel her emotions—through song. She confirmed in a Facebook Live interview that "Soon You'll Get Better" featuring the Dixie Chicks is about her mom's illness. “We as a family decided to put this on the album,” she said at the time. “It’s something I’m so proud of. I can’t sing it [live]. It’s hard to emotionally deal with that song.”

Taylor addresses her mom's health even more in Miss Americana, the Netflix special that streams starting January 31

Has cancer affected your family? If it helps to talk about it, share your experience in the comments.


by Jacqueline F. | 1/21/2020