Everything we know about Sabrina Carpenter's new album

Sabrina Carpenter is starting off 2022 with some exciting news! Her new album is on its way—and look no further, Sabrina stans. We're giving you *all* the deets on what we know so far. 

The title

In her appearance on The Tonight Show in early January, Sabrina spilled a *huge* secret...she's already been dropping some hints about the name of the album. "It's funny, because I've hidden the album name somewhere in work that I've put out over the last year, but my fans haven't found it yet," she shared. Sounds like it might be time for some sleuthing!

The tone

Sabrina acknowledges that this album is the most "honest" and personal one she's made yet, the one where she can fully be her real self. She told Teen Vogue in September 2021 that the creation of her latest album "was completely and entirely just me steering the ship." She decided to spend this past summer in New York City recording the album, after quarantining with her family in Los Angeles for a year. The change was *exactly* what she needed. 

The tracklist

While the tracklist for Sabrina's album is still unconfirmed, fans have been speculating about which songs might make it onto the record. They already have a few ideas! In 2021, Sabrina rang in this new era by releasing two singles, "Skin" and "Skinny Dipping," and she recently announced her latest, "Fast Times." Whether or not these songs end up on the album, we can't wait to find out more about the official tracklist!

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by Samara Smukler | 1/21/2022